Seeking Medtronic MiniMed Supplies

My daughter is seeking supplies for her Medtronic MiniMed Pump. If anyone has supplies they are no longer using and would consider offering to my daughter, we would be happy to pay the shipping. Thanks!


Carolyn @Carolyn.Anderson, if you - your daughter - are using the Paradigm MiniMed pump I have leftover supplies, reservoirs #MMT-326 [I think] and infusion sets, available. I’ll check tomorrow on the part numbers and send you a message.

Thank you! I really appreciate your help.


Carolyn Anderson

I have Silhouettes with 24" tubing and reservoirs. I also have tons of test strips.

Any excess supplies you don’t need or want would be greatly appreciated!


Carolyn Anderson

Yes we have mini led quick set

Any excess supplies you no longer need we would gladly accept. Thank you!


Is there a way to private message so you can give me email and/or physical mailing address?

Becca @BeeGee, click on Carolyn’s avatar [or anyone’s avatar] and her profile header will appear; at the right is a tab for sending a message.

When you receive a message, a green color flag will appear alongside your avatar.

Make sure to reach out to the Insulin Pumpers Foundation ( I have previously donated left over supplies after switching pumps. Got their contact info from this forum. Good folks, trying to give us all a hand dealing with the crazy cost of being T1.

Hi Carolyn. I have several boxes but they are expired. I’ll give them away bc I don’t need them. Not sure if your interested but I can send you pics to make sure they match your machine.

We will gladly take them! I would be happy to reimburse your shipping expense.

Thank you for all your help!

Carolyn Anderson

312 West Main Street

New Alexandria PA 15670

are these compatible?



Both are what my daughter uses! Thank you so much!