Seeking Other T1Ds on MDI

Joanne @Jophilly, it sounds to me as if you have made the right decision and that the Pros for MDI for you outweigh the Cons.

A strong proponent of MDI when one has a CGM is Dr. Stephen Ponder, a practicing endocrinologist who has lived with his diabetes for over 55 years who gave up his pump and returned to MDI. He has presented his method at JDRF events where we met.

His work and teaching [he used to hold seminars] is called “sugar Surfing” and his books may still be around. But it appears to me that based on your TIR that you are a master of MDI.

Yes, Joanne, I have a CGM (Libre Freestyle). I’m like you & can maintain good time in range with MDI.
Plus I am a small person & don’t have a lot of “real estate” on my stomach to attach the canula for a pump. My TIR varies from the upper 80s to the low 90s. I just hate having to give myself two shots if I eat a fat heavy meal. I learned very quickly that if I gave my full insulin dose up front, then I would go low within 30-45 minutes and then sky high later. You are correct, this disease is not an easy one to manage. If I ever consider leaving MDI, I would probably opt for Omni Pods, but like you said, their is a greater expense for supplies.

Hi Dennis, I think I want to try and read this book. I think it may still be available on Amazon. I read the Think Like a Pancreas book. I had to skip some of the book that concerned insulin pumping since I still do MDI. Thanks for mentioning this book. I try to read up on all the reliable information that I can find.
The dietician at my endo’s office wasn’t much help to me, although I have a good endo.

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The method is good, Sherry, and it does take a lot of effort and time spent to make it work, but the results can be very good. I have used some of the principals succesfully with my pumps.

Don’t blame some of the medical care team too much for not being fully helpful - book learning can be effective but it doesn’t teach what living with diabetes is exactly like. An example, I consulted with a top-notch 14 years who saw me as a patient while also being professor of endo at the University College of Medicine - at one point he approached me for some diabetology teaching notes. Jumping to the end, he suffered a severe traumatic event and ended up with TypeOne; on my visit after his return to work, he said that he now finally understood what I was trying to teach him.

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Thank you SO MUCH Dennis for the Sugar Surfing book recommendation, I’d never heard of it. Also for the ‘master of MDI’ compliment, that really made me feel good !
I found a Juicebox podcast with the author ( # 45 from 2016) and am listening to it now.
I’ve found the Taking Control of your Diabetes podcast series very helpful too.
Stay well friends :grinning:

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I look at Sugar Surfing as another tool that has helped me refine my management.
I noticed, but haven’t had time yet to listen, that Dr. Ponder was the guest this week on the Stacey Simme “diabetes Connections” podcast. I see the links on Facebook.

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