Seeking Recommendations for Endo in NYC

Hi all,

Hoping some of you live in NYC... I just changed insurance (now employed and moved away from grad school insurance thank goodness) and need to find a new endo to treat my diabetes and hypothyroidism.  Looking for someone affiliated with a good hospital, since I'm thinking about having another baby soon too (My son is 3.5).  I use a pump, want to upgrade to a One Touch / Animas Ping or something similar.  Manhattan preferable, but would consider Brooklyn.  I have Empire BC BS insurance.  I got really spoiled with my experience in San Francisco at UCSF - they had a fantastic team, CDE, Nutritionist plus the Endo himself.  Now I'm worried it can't be matched!

Thanks, in advance,


Dr. Ronald Tamler. He's fantastic. We have the same insurance (Empire BCBS). He works out of Mt. Sinai on the upper east side. Just google him for his info.