Seeking T1D Peers for 8 yo Daughter


Our 8-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 in February. She’s very eager to connect with other girls from ages 7-12 who have been recently diagnosed. She’s frustrated with the constant finger pricks and all the shots and wants to talk with a peer who understands what she’s going through.

She’s very social and loves to talk with friends on Face Time and video calls. If anyone has a daughter in this age range and is willing to connect, please drop me a note.

Many thanks, Ryan

Hi @ryanmfrank. If you do a search for “friends” on the forum you’ll find people seeking ones for themselves or their kids, and usually indicating the age group they fall in.
Proceed with caution as the site is open to anyone and If you post email addresses here on the forum (if I put mine in this message, for instance), anybody can get them. I suggest you connect by clicking on the person’s name and sending private messages, and sharing contact info that way if you choose. Stay well all!