Seeking Temporary Full-Time Child Care in Seattle

Our 2 y.o. T1D daughter needs care while I train for a new job, ~8am to 4pm in our West Seattle home, August-October. She is on a Minimed 530G, and uses Humalog. She’s an introvert, and enjoys dancing and going to the local playground.

We can be reached directly at


Please help! We’re feeling a bit desperate… any tips for help appreciated.

-Mary and Tim Tetrault

Mary & Tim,
Being all the way diagonally across the country from you I’m not close enough to lend a hand. A couple of possible sources for possibly getting leads:

  1. Speak with your child’s care-team - they may have names of caregivers with T1 experience or possibly "stay-at-home parent of a child with diabetes.

  2. Speak with the training nurse for Minimed pump - that person might have leads.

  3. Access the JDRF site [] and the American Diabetes Association site [] and search the locations near you for a contact name. These contact persons often know people like us in their areas.

  4. Your pharmacist might also know people in your area.

Best of luck in your search