Seeking tips to prevent Dexcom G6 tape from peeling

Have you tried simpatch?

No, I’m not sure what that is?

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It’s a patch I use over my freestyle but I think they make one for dexcom too. It usually last about 6 days before the showers makes it peel

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Dexcom does offer free overlays. You just need to call Dexcom and request them. Also anytime a sensor falls off before the 10 days Dexcom has always replaced them for free


I’ve used Simpatch. But actually, I have found that the Dexcom Overpatch works just as well or better. Call your Dexcom support and ask them to send you some (free, so far). I do use SkinTac in addition, fyi.


Hi there!
We use Skin Tac adhesive wipes. You wipe it around injection site and it will hold. My 10 year old was rolling around at the beach and her Dexcom still stayed on. To clean any excess off we use Unisolve. Unisolve is great to use when changing Dexcom or pods. Skin tac and Unisolve can both be purchased on Amazon. I hope this helps.

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Me again. I just wanted to clarify that the skin tac goes on your skin , before you put your Dexcom on. So make sure it it is applied under. Avoid injection site to keep it sterile.


We have used a few different types of patches (Grifgrips, Simpatch etc.) but my son swears by the overlays from Dexcom for his G6. Call customer support and they will send some out to you no charge.


I never, ever apply a sensor without using SkinTac wipes. They’re the best as keeping the sensor attached while I’m swimming, exercising, etc. If I notice that my sensor is falling off and I still have a few days to go, I’ll use a Silly Patch–they’re customizable, fun, and really cheap.

We’ve used Skin Tac as well and it’s great. Helps a lot. We have not needed the removal pads yet. We ordered both on Amazon.

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I use liquid skin tac on the Dexcom pad

I use expressionmed circle tape and it works great for me. I am on day 11 with my Dexcom and it is still on. But I tryed the skin tac and it broke out my skin very bad.

Great info about the G6 tape coming off!!! I have been wondering if I was applying it wrong !! Now I’m not sure which to try first. I’ve had 4 sensors on and haven’t made it all 10 days yet :upside_down_face:

They should give you a tape to put over it , I’m in the hot tub everyday so tape is important, it works for me

My last G6 sensor stayed on 20 days (yes there are work arounds to the 10 day cut-off) and would have stayed on longer without any problems. Skin-Tac and Dexcom Overpatch. I understand that Skin-Tac can cause irritation. Happily, it doesn’t for me. The Simpatch just gradually loosened around the edges (especially if I went swimming).

You are thoroughly scrubbing the site with alcohol prior to adhesion? The alcohol isnt just for sanitization, it eliminates the skin oils that will compromise the tape.

I use Skin-Prep on my skin and let it dry before applying a new sensor. That usually holds about 5 days for me. When it starts to peel, I apply a Grif Grip to get more days. That routine usually lasts 10 days for me.

We have pretty good luck with the Dexcom Overpatch; as others noted, Dexcom should send you out a package of 10, at no charge, and they should not limit you to just one free package. I request them to keep pace with our sensors and have never seen a charge for them. For reference, the name on the package is “Dexcom Overpatch” and the part number is MT22994.

We also have purchased GrifGrips, and they seem to be helpful.

I have used medical tape, the kind you can buy at your local pharmacy for taping dressings over wounds. They only last a couple of days though. I have also tried some of the other tapes listed here, but unfortunately, I am allergic to most of them. So, I am still looking for a better solution.

I’ve used the overlay and I’ve also used skin Tac but what I find helps the most is making sure that I dry the adhesive part of the sensor when I get out of the shower. I usually pat on it with the edge of my towel or a wad of toilet paper. That, combined with the skin Tac keeps the sensor like cement (on my arm , at least.)