Send me your diabetic garbage!

Hi everyone!

I am looking for people to send me the end caps of your BD syringes. I am an artist and a type one diabetic of 23 years. I am currently working on an art project that requires all the bibs and bobs of our daily regiment. The idea is to create an art piece that will showcase the number of times I have injected insulin in the past 23 years. Now, of course, I didn't think of this idea until a couple of years ago and I started collecting my own diabetic garbage. I managed to do a 2 feet by 3 feet tile of my caps and it only represented 2 years. I need many more caps and I doubt I would be able to do so if I don't receive some help from you. If you are interested in helping me out, message me and we can go from there. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you :)

What a awesome idea! Good Luck!

Thanks Christina. I am starting to think that with this project it might be harder to find those pesky syringe caps since everyone is now using either a pump or a pen. If you know of anyone, please send them my way! :)