Senior Design Project Survey

I’m a biomedical engineering student at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. For my senior design project we are working to create a smartphone app to increase patient compliance. We are trying to determine which features are most important to users on a daily basis to keep track of data. To gather this information we have created a survey. Please take the survey below to provide us with some important information as to what to include in this design project :

I myself am a diabetic and have a general idea of what would be useful, but I don’t currently use any apps so I’m not sure of what features are or aren’t good.

Something is broken on the survey. When I got to the question:

    1. Rank the features that you feel are most important in creating a useful smartphone app. Rank 1-9, with 9 being most important.

Once I answered 7 of 9 questions, everytime I select an additional answer it blanks out one of the others. So cannot continue/complete the survey. I am using latest version of Chrome on a Mac.



Thank you for notifying me about this. One of my teammates used chrome on his mac and was able to successfully complete the survey, so it should be working now. Thank you for taking the survey!