Senior long-term type1

Sudden-onset type1, diagnosed 1971 at age 34. Now age 77. Single, lesbian. Increasing depression, loneliness. No living family for many, many years now --so lack that kind of resource for emotional support. Will be trying to get recommendations of psychotherapists in my area. If I can find one who is good for me, that can be a big help, I know. I access TCOYD on internet for much diabetes info. I am following advice about depression and stress from the psychologist on that site to “get out of the house.” Looking for groups I can meet with and hopefully still contribute to in safe driving distance for me these days. I try to have hope with this! It is difficult. I persevere!!

Hi @Iamonetoo,

I’m sorry that you’re feeling this way, but I am glad that you reached out to our online Type 1 community when you did. Know that you are loved and not alone! Many others have expressed feeling similarly on TypeOneNation and we’re all here to support each other.

Seeing a psychologist is already a great start to dealing with depression and feelings of loneliness. If you would like additional one on one support, please reach out to our Online Diabetes Support Team. They can offer wonderful support for coping with diabetes.

I believe in you! Continue to have hope and persevere!

hi Iamonetoo,

one of the things that works for me is to reach out to others who may need help. It sounds kind of strange, that in my depression I might be helpful to someone else who might be having troubles, but in my experience it helps - in fact, when I help others, I tend to get more help out of it than the other person. you have years of experience, you probably have more experience treating type 1 than most endocrinologists. anyway, just a thought.

if nobody said it to you lately, you have done a superior job taking care of yourself all these years. Type 1 is miserable and uncomfortable, and it takes a enormous amount of energy to take care of. When we do a good job, we get to feel normal for a few hours. You are already your own hero and best advocate. you are close to a Joslin or Lilly 50 year medalist award - the award is considered a “Triumph” in diabetes care and longevity. These words are not trivial, your tenacity, persistence, and determination is heroic, and I can only hope my effort can measure up to yours someday.

Hello lamonetoo my name is Dave and I certainly can relate to some of your feelings. I struggle daily with depression and some days are better than others. I have been T1d 43 years and have been consumed with the 24 7 pressure it puts me under. I would be happy to talk with you if you want. Best wishes!

I can definitely relate to your situation. I’ve had T1D for 25 years. Before the days of CGMs, I had some significant lows that killed a lot of brain cells. Now, at age 55, I struggle with depression but have gotten relief from Buproprion. I quit drinking alcohol almost 6 months ago, and have started taking the supplements recommended in Dr. Fohuti’s book, “Boost Your Brain” (Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12, and Omega-3). Also added tumeric to my diet and started working on learning Italian, to create some new pathways in my addled brain. (I spend alot of time online looking for the most up to date research about the brain.) Although I still have memory issues, particularly when I’m anxious, I feel a whole lot better. But the toughest thing for me is socializing. I’ve always been introverted but at the same time I feel isolated and not particularly social.

To MBolt and participants Joe, drocket285, and loredit,
Thank you for your responses with understanding, kindness, and suggestions. I especially agree with and am focusing on finding a way to contribute to others, using my knowledge, interests and abilities–that can benefit others in their lives–to enjoy!