Senior year

this year i am going to be a senior! whoo hoo! i am so excited that i am almost out of highschool. but since i am only a year away from college, i am begining to look for scholarships and i there a scholarship available for people who are diabetics or or have disabilities??

I checked out JDRF and they offered scholarships to beginning freshman this year so chances are they do it again next year.  Assuming your guidance counselor is adept in their job, they should have a book with available scholarship applications and you can search through there to find appropriate ones. 

I'm going to be a junior this year, but I've already begun looking at schools and scholarships. I have searched all over and have not found many scholarships out there for us T1s. The only ones I've seen are for students with T1 who are very involved in advocating, or who are involved in tennis. Why tennis, and not some other sport, I don't know. I haven't seen any that are just for students with good academic standing, extracurricular activities, and who also have T1. If you find any good ones, let me know. (=

Wow...I never even thought to look for scholarships for type 1 diabetics. I hope that I can dig some up for people wanting to go to graduate school. I'm also studying for the GRE...eek. I wish you all the best with your work and hope that you obtain so many scholarships that your head spins (not from bad BG).

Granted I went to college a while ago, but when I was looking, there were a few (there are websites to search, books, JDRF, etc). But, I found them to be small like $500 or $1000, so it often wasn't worth filling out all the long forms for the smaller ones... I had better look calling my financial aid office and begging for money. (:

I'm also going  to be a senior  this year, I start next Tuesday. I'm pretty pumped that it's my last year in high school, but I don't know what I want to do next year. I'll either end up going straight to college, or I'll take a year off. I'm not sure yet.

I haven't really looked into scholarships for students with diabetes. I figure that if I get a scholarship, it will be for sports, or a combination of academics/athletic.

If you every find any graduate school scholarships for diabetics let me know! I'm about to finish my last semester of college and am thinking about going to grad school...soon. Any scholarship money would be wonderful to help!