Sensitive skin

I use the minimed cgms and pump (only for a few weeks now with the cgms) and i have really sensitive skin.  i've never had any problems with sensitivity to the pump sites, the sensor sites, or the area under the tape, BUT... I have been really sensitive under the transmitor part of the cgms.  i know we're only supposed to clean the site with alcohol (not the iv prep stuff or anything else) but i wasn't sure if anyone else had problems with this?  or any ideas how to prevent or fix it...?

I used to have the same problem.  Problem solved when another CGMS MM user suggested inserting

a piece of folded tissue/gauze/paper towel the approximate size of the transmitter UNDER the transmiter.

I fold a tissue several times and cut it to the shape of the transmittor and insert it under the plastic part and

then tape the whole thing down.  It has cut down on  the problems under the transmitter almost completely!

Hey hey sensitive skin people!!  I have the exact same problem. 

I usually get itchy on day two and have to rip out my sensor on day three because my skin is so irritated.  Then it takes 4 weeks for the site to heal, but then it leaves a scar, which is not to pretty.  I wear my sensors in my abdomen, and I have an entire quadrant that is  completedly discolored and scarred.  I am acutally considering not wearing the CGMS because of the irritation I get.

In the past, I tried putting a piece of Tegaderm/IV 3000 under the transmitter to protect my skin, but the last week I have been putting gauze under the sensor.  It helps, but the portion of the sensor that adheres to my skin still really irritates me.  I am thinking of switching to a Dexcom to try out their adhesive.  I am totally cranky that I get so irritated from the adhesive, i fought so hard to get my CGMS with the insurance company and now I can't use it as much as I want because of skin irritation.  booooo!!!