Sensitivity to Cannula

Hello I am a recently diagnosed T1 and am looking at pumps the Omnipod and Animas. I was given a trial of the pod (with cannula inserted and saline) and LOVED the wireless aspect of the pump. However I did notice I was slightly sore and sensitive the next day, especially when there was slight pressure placed on the pod. Omnipods cannula is 9mm (inserted at an angle). I tried a 6mm Animas cannula and felt no pain. I was just wondering if anyone out there with an Omni experiences sensitivity to the cannula. As much as I love not having the wire tubing I'm not sure if being sore for three days would be worth it. I would consider myself average and defiantly have some fatty tissue in my stomach and legs, but in general am just sensitive to the length of cannulas (I bite the bullet with my CGM Dexcom as I can feel that sensor the whole 7 days).  I have read posts that say you just need to find "good sites that work" or "pinch up." Is that true. Apprantly while there will be a change in size and depth of the next generation Omnipods, the size of the cannula will remain. I don't want to get this and regret it later because of the soreness factor. I appreciate any feedback as this will help my decision on choosing a pump. 

If the insulin absorption is good with a 6mm canula, then you should probably use that.

For me, it's really a matter of luck. Sometimes it is excruciatingly painful to insert the canula ( I might be exaggerating a little), and sometimes I don't feel it at all.

I feel the same as Jessica, most times I don't experience pain from the pod but once in a while it just hits a bad spot and hurts!  I've also had times when it wasn't painful until near the end of the 3 days, then it got sore especially with pressure placed on it.

I used to use the Deltec Cozmo (which is no longer made) and I had the same experience with that.  I got the Omnipod when my Cozmo crapped out (after about 6 years) and I LOVE not having any tubing!