Sensor-Friendly Foods


            So here I am at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, staring at my insulin pump, Rex. Not even an hour ago I put on a new CGM sensor; which means a blood sugar calibration in 2 hours. I ate breakfast this morning at 8 o’clock and have been exercising a good portion of that time between then and now. But as you can’t have active insulin when you calibrate your sensor, it’s a lesser of two evils: eat now, and accept that I won’t be able to calibrate for 4 hours, until my active insulin runs out. Or, push off eating for another 2 hours and continue to stare at my pump with a growling stomach.

            I was making lunch for my family; staring at that apple… usually I would cut one for myself. Staring at that meat… usually I would grab a slice for my lunch. And that apple pie…! But, no… Bing! Idea! A third option comes to mind – and it’s not evil at all.

            I set to work getting out the works for a salad. But this was no ordinary salad; no, it would be a Grande Sensor-Friendly Salad! My carb to insulin ratio in the afternoons is 11 grams of carbs per 1 unit of insulin. So I start racking my brain for all those “free” foods the doctors told me about when I was diagnosed and begin to dig them out of the refrigerator. Thank goodness we’d just gone shopping and had a great selection of sensor-friendly foods:

-          A slice of beef lunch meat (1 carb for 1/3 of the package, so not even one carbs worth of beef)

-          1 ½ cups of lettuce/the salad mix in a bag (3 carbs for 1 ½ cups)

-          Not even 1/8 of a cup of shredded, Cheddar cheese (practically “free”)

-          Small sprinkle of Bacon Bits (not my favorite, but only 2 carbs for a tablespoon)

-          1 ½ tablespoons of Ranch dressing (3 carbs I believe that would be)

-          Parmesan Cheese (again, practically “free,” perhaps 1 carb for 2 tablespoons)

            And, smarty pants me, forgot the tomato.

            This salad rings in at (about) 7 or 8 carbohydrates. And while I am aware that this still may raise my blood sugar, I feel very self-accomplished and as if I have outsmarted the sensor. It’s a win-win situation: satisfied hunger, and the ability to calibrate with an accurate blood sugar in 2 hours still stands.

            If I had these in the house at the time, I wouldn’t have hesitated to put on more vegetables, such as cucumbers, or even fruits, such as dice a slice of apple over the top; or nuts. There are countless ways to be more creative with a salad with this. Although this version was delicious J.

            The Grande Sensor-Friendly Salad:


            And, yes of course, with it I have a very nice, Zero (“diet”) soda, with zero carbs at all:

            Which is always nice to have around seeing as it doesn’t add to the carb intake, and, in my opinion, is generally a good beverage, anyway.

            Now that you have the background story as to what got me thinking on this topic, here comes the discussion question for this forum post: What other sensor-friendly foods do you all use? 

that looks like an awesome lunch! i'll have to add it to my days when i want a few more carbs for dinner, so i'll have less for lunch days!

I should probably point out that by "sensor" I mean CGM. Sorry, it's a habit. My family and I call it a "sensor," that's how my doctors have always referred to it so it kind of caught on. I've had to be conscious of how I refer to it on here, and after posting this I realized I wrote 'sensor' on accident. My bad ;)

I never really thought of having sensor friendly foods? Do you find even though you ate something "sensor friendly" that your numbers are still off due to fats?

that salad looks sooooooooooo good!!! i have iced tea(i know that the US version is tea that is cold, this is the canadian version, besicaly like pop with no fizzyness) made with splenda that has no carbs. i usualy do salads with lots of salad dressing(0.7 carbs per tablespoon!) barbecued chicken or steak with lettuce. in a recipe book, there is a recipe for fajita salads. the carbs come from the wrap, so anything youd put in a taco or fajita, you could turm into a salad.

hmmm... something creative.... ok. i just came up with these so they may not taste good and may sound digusting.

1. cheese(melted?) on nuts

2. fresh green beans(my favorite. and ive tried this befroe and its good)with butter, or carrots with butter(or any vegetable)

3. salad made with vegies with no lettuce and a salad dressing with a meat on top(im picturing veggies with golden italian dressing and fresh barbecued salmon or steak)