Sensor Insertion Anxiety :-/

I've been using the Minimed Realtime CGM since October. Overall, I absolutely love it.

There is one issue. Every time I have to insert a new sensor, I have a mini "freak out" session. I use the inserter that came with it, and have no problem loading everything into the sensor. But once I have the thing lined up against my skin, I have so much difficulty pushing that little white button! Sometimes I will start to push it down, then get really anxious and have to stop. It takes me several tries before I have the nerve to push the button.

I definitely can't watch the needle go in. And once it finally goes in, I'm fine. Most of the time, it really doesn't hurt that much. Just a little pinch - nothing deserving of the anxiety I go through.

I have used my pump for 3 years and not had any problems with the infusion set insertion. Before that, I gave myself plenty of shots with needles - no problem. But for some reason, I am absolutely terrified of that sensor needle. I think it is because it is a bigger gage than anything I've ever used, and it goes in at a different angle than I am used to.

Do any of you experience a similar anxiety? How do you deal with it? Any advice?

Though I do not continue to experience "insertion anxiety," I understand where you are coming from! When you are acclimated to the infusion sets, the sensor insertion takes you by surprise. I was alarmed for my first sensor for sure.


Oh my goodness!  I just started on the CGM (last week of December) and I also freak out pressing down that button!  I have problem inserting the site for the pump too.  Having a phobia of needles is not the best thing for a diabetic! ;) 

What I have found that I need to do is either talk to someone or myself while doing it.  I obviously know when I am pushing the button, but talking does get my mind off the whole idea of the needle.  When that doesn't help, I grab a teddy bear that I have had since I was four or five and squeeze it.  Sorry, it's not much advice, but know that you are not the only one who has to get the nerve up to push that little white button.

Nessie - I've found the pump insertion a lot easier than needles and syringe, expecially when I'm out eating or on long plane flights.  Unfortunately, the CGM didn't work very well for me.  I ofund it tough to insert (not enough fatty tissue they told me) and not very accurate - it trailed both my going up and going down.  But I know that some people find it a great help (although admittedly expensive unless you have an insurer that will cover it, of which there are few).

Stepahnie: I had the same problem with inserting the CGM needle.  It is a monster, and I had to insert it around on my side to find enough fatty tissue (per the doctor) to get it in.  While I agreee that it didn't hurt that much, the anxiety that it caused was really lousy - and then, for me, it was not sufficiently reliable to be worth the expense and the diffiuclty of inserting it.


I hate that friggin needle!  Seriously, it feels like a harpoon, or like I'm stabbing myself!  I usually press the button down a little bit, it doesn't go, so I take a deep breath..reconsider my angle a few times..push a little harder, and it finally  The pump site is so much less threatening because you just line it up with your skin and there's no problem.  I also get a little anxiety when pulling the needle out.

I think what I usually do is focus on the task of pushing the white button down, and sort of ignore the needle.  This might sound a little weird, but try to mentally separate the act of pushing the button down with the act of the needle going in.  That way, you're just pushing the button, no big deal.  Think of it like clicking a pen or something like that.  When the needle goes in, it'll be a little surprising, but by the time your brain processes it, it'll be over. :)  Of course you should make sure everything is lined up correctly and everything first.

Good luck, and let's cross our fingers for Medtronic to come out with a smaller sensor needle!


The harpoon freaked me out. Not gonna lie, I would end up closing my eyes and hoping for the best. Using the Dexcom sensor it is a little easier, but sometimes I still freak out.

Welcome to the "CGM Anxiety Club."  The anxiety of inserting the CGM sensor with that mega-needle was almost enough for me to give up, but it was the inconistent performance in my case that led me to give up on the CGM.  I have long since gone back to finger-sticking.  With the CGM, I was doing finger-sticks four times a day.  Now I do them 7 to 10 times a day to avoid hypoglycemia.  Not fun, but more reliable for me than the CGM.

Oh this makes me feel anxious just reading

I make my husband do this for me. I cover my head with a pillow and he does a practice version about 10 times until I am ready, and then he does it. This makes me laugh at myself just reading it. I also get pump sight anxiety on occasion...Good to know I am not alone. ( that needle is really BIG)