Sensor locations

I have very sensitive skin and have to rotate my sites often (between pump and cgm I need a lot of real estate). My favorite spots are front and back of my upper arms, I usually save my stomach and back for my pump sites - does anyone have suggestions of different places to wear it?

I put all sensors in my thighs, upper toward the inside. I alternate every two weeks. It works best for me. I agree that pump sites are hard to find. I use my stomach and butt.

I’ve been having trouble finding good spots, as the filament keeps crimping and I get Lost Sensor alerts. The good news is that once you find spots that work, they say you don’t have to rotate nearly as much as you do with your pump infusion set, because you’re not causing trauma to the area by infusing anything under there, and the little filament causes very little disruption to the tissue. So if the back of the arm works, just stay there and maybe move the site just a 1/2" or so each time. If you have any bruising or bleeding with the prior sensor, maybe move to a different area in that case until the following week.