Sensor loss for long time

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if this has occurred to anyone. So today my sister put on a new sensor. Right until then everything was going ok. When she went to start the “sensor warmup” her receiver AND her phone have been getting the “signal loss” message. It’s been more than 2 hours and she’s still seeing that message on both devices. I’ve tried everything that Dexcom recommends. Turn off phone, turn off Bluetooth, close the app, have the phone turned off and nothing has worked. I find this very odd because it’s occurring on the receiver and the phone. Could it be the transmitter? It’s supposed to last 3 more weeks however it shows low battery. It will be a shame if we have to waste a brand new sensor. Thanks to everyone in advance

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My signal loss recovery takes from seconds to almost an hour. I suggest you work with dex. customer service. They will replace the transmitter if there is a problem with the transmitter. They will replace a sensor if it got killed my a bad transmitter.


I agree with Joe, call Dexcom Customer Service. They will help you/your sister trouble shoot the issue and will replace any faulty equipment.

One thought, how far are the sensor/transmitter from the receiver? If they are on opposite sides of her body, this can block the signal. Or, if she is not keeping both with her, and has one in another room, it may be too far apart for the receiver/phone to get the signal. Just thought I’d point that out in case!

Pam K

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First of all thank you both. Both of the devices have been close to her for the past 5 hours. Still experiencing the same issue.

Seconds to what everyone above has said. Dexcom will replace sensors if they fail, including of there’s a problem with the transmitter. I believe I once wasted two sensors only to discover it was a transmitter issue - they replaced both. However I would call tech support before trying a second sensor, especially if she’s getting low on supplies as it might take a couple of days for the replacement items to arrive.
I use a Freestyle Libre as a backup of somehow I do run out of sensors - it’s much more convenient than doing fingersticks, and the Libre2 has alerts. It.doesn’t work with a closed loop so you’re on your own correcting but sometimes it’s good to get some practice in. Rx is required for the Libre.

We don’t have sensors right now but hopefully the pharmacy will get them. I’ll discuss the Libre option with my parents. Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

Yikes! I would definitely get in touch with Dexcom right away so they can get to work. I get my sensors and pump supplies by mail, but you can get the Libre at the pharmacy.

We got in touch with someone. They are sending a new sensor and a transmitter that will only work for 9 days to make up for the time we are losing with the failed transmitter. Sensors are supposed to last 10 days so a transmitter with only 9 days of life seems kinda off but I guess we are getting something. :sparkles:

Hi @arodric5002 no worries. Dexcom will not send her a G6 transmitter that will only last 9 days. They will send her a transmitter. The new one will last 90 days once started and a year+ in the box. They may option to only guarantee the replacement transmitter for a limited time but I doubt that. And by then your sister will have a prescription for her next one anyway.

Thanks! Maybe we just understood wrong. :joy:What you say makes sense though!

Alexa @arodric5002 , based on my experience don’t worry about the length of time the replacement Transmitter and Sensor will last - when my transmitter failed a week short of 90 days I received “regular” replacements. Dexcom is not going to manufacture custom 9 day replacements to send out.

What @Joe said, the replacement transmitter will be replaced only if it too fails within the first couple of weeks. If we can say that there is any “good news” for your sister, if you continue getting Transmitters supplied on an automatic basis by your provider, you will feel as if you always have a back-up transmitter on hand - if the replacement transmitter goes on to last the full 90 days.

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Hi again and happy Monday. I was wondering how you ran out of sensors? No blame - just asking. I typically get my mail order supplies before I run out - although TBH occasionally there’s a delay if the supplier needs a new rx or something of that nature.
Whenever you have problems with a sensor be sure to call Dexcom right away for a replacement so you don’t exhaust your own supply. When I’ve called for replacements it’s taken 2-3 days to get them - apparently they don’t think it’s urgent enough to pay for next day delivery. Tip - when I use a Freestyle I leave it in for the entire 14 days ago I gain a little time with my sensor orders. I’ve found it to be very accurate so I’m comfortable with that but by all means check for yourself.

Happy Monday!
We ran out of sensors because we had A lot of issues with the pack of three. The first two sensors failed before the full 10 days. And then when we were down to one sensor she had to remove it the next day because of the signal loss situation. We have been calling Dexcom but for us the replacements take more than a week to arrive. To top it all off because of our new insurance we had to go the whole weekend without supplies because we needed pre authorization from them. Let’s just say it wasn’t a very successful week with Dexcom haha.

Understood. I’m waiting on a transmitter order that was supposed to go out about 3 weeks ago - I found out late in the game that my insurance needed updated medical records and that took a while for the supplier to get. They finally got what they needed to place the order (which reminds me I need to call and check!). Thankfully I had a few weeks left on my old one before I started with this supplier so it’s not urgent but it sure is annoying! Sometimes I pay out of pocket for a spare box of sensors off Amazon or eBay so I’ll have a backup supply - you’re not supposed to do it but I want to be sure I have what I need and I’m considering buying a spare sensor. I always check expiration dates of course - no problems so far.
If you haven’t told them about the prior sensor issues do - they should replace them as well.

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I use the Medtronic Guardian 3 sensors. If my sensor fail, Medtronic will replace it FREE of charge. I recommend you contact Dexcom & see if they have a similar replacement procedure. Hope your sister can get it replaced at no cost. Good luck & have a great day.

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That doesn’t make sense. I’ve never heard of a sensor that lasts exactly 9 days. I know that if you have a sensor that lasts less than 10 days, they will replace it. Even if it just gets knocked off. They probably just acknowledged your data loss, but the sensor should still last 10

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Random thought😊 - from time to time I’ve had radiology procedures done. I scheduled as close as possible to my sensor’s last day, removed it before the procedure to avoid exposure to radiation, and started a new one when the scans were finished. I found out later that Dexcom will replace sensors if you have to remove them early for that purpose so there really was no need to try to coordinate schedules (do confirm for yourself just in case anything has changed). And of course if a sensor doesn’t last the full 10 days they should replace it as well.
Some of this may be buried in the fine print and I wish I had known earlier.
Just sharing.

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Just a tip…you can request replacement sensors on the Dexcom website. Go to Chat with an agent…you will be asked a bunch of questions by an agent, and then they’ll confirm and send new sensor. All virtual, and I like better…calling gets old to me

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Dexcom sent us 2 replacement sensors. One had a sensor error, the other one had to be removed because the transmitter got signal loss. We also received a new transmitter a couple of days ago. Thank you all for your help and tips! Really appreciate it!



The most frequent cause of LOS (Loss of Signal) is improper placement after reading CGM issues on about 10 different sites. Discussions with an FCC licensed radio engineer and Dexcom illuminated this information. Although the illustration refers to a Tandem pump, the same is true with Dexcom receivers.

Remember, Dexcom refers to medical device (their receiver or a CGM enabled pump) and primary display device (smart phone)

The mission critical step is to ALWAYS start on the medical device. One misstep their or in entry of codes will have you helplessly chasing yourself in circles.

Hope this helps.

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