Sensor sites and infusion sites

So I am trying to find more places to put my cgm sensor and pump infusion sets. I have had the dexcom for about a month now and my pump for 2 weeks. Do you always have to be able to "pinch" an inch. I have mainly tried on the middle part of my stomach. I always worry about the waist of my jeans rubbing on them since some jeans have higher waists and some are lower, I can't find a happy medium for both types of jeans. I would like to put it in a spot that I can "forget" that they are there... Any ideas would be much appreciated!!

I frequently use the sides of my stomach or my "love handles."  These areas seem to be more comfortable for me.  As far as rotating infusion sites, Minimed has a good suggestion on their web site:  imagine a 4 inch M or W on your abdomin and rotate your sites at the points of the letters.

I have heard of people using their thighs, but haven't tried that yet.

I use my upper buttock area, below the belt-line for my infusion sets....and my thigh for my cgm (alternating from left to right each time, every 6 days or so which allows pretty good healing time by the time I go back to the other thigh).  I find this works well for any pants, especially with belts.  Since having my kids my stomach just doesn't work for me anymore..the tissue has changed and doesn't seem to absorb. 

Thanks for the tips! I will definitely have to try them!