Sentinel clockface for Fitbit Smartwatch CGM

I have two T1D boys age 6 and 3. The first diagnosis back was Earth shattering, and the second one that happened 7months ago was a wake up call. Managing diabetes for two boys was going to require better tools and so I started looking. In 2017 there was an announcement that Fitbit and Dexcom were going to partner up for a smartwatch solution but that never happened. Then I found the Fitbit App Glance, which worked well enough for tracking 1 child, but I needed to track 2. There was an old Pebble watchface that could track 2 but Pebble got bought by Fitbit and discontinued. Long story short, seven months ago I decided to make my own Fitbit Clockface for tracking the CGM data from my 2 sons. I call it “Sentinel.” I added custom alarms, nightscout careportal integration, and eventually support for mulitple data sources. I’ve released it for free, forever, and have since made other versions at the request of parents who have the need to track 3 to 6 kids on one watchface. Its all a work in progress, but we have a Facebook group of mainly parents with multiple type-1 kids, and through lots of testing and feedback we are developing a tool to make life just a little bit more managable. My name is Ryan Chen, and I’m the creator of the Sentinel series of Fitbit clockfaces for monitoring the CGM data of mulitple T1Ds. That’s my story. You can find out more here: