Settings on the pump, grrr!

Hey all!

So my doctor adjusted my settings yesterday and I have been doing this rollercoaster thing all day, down to 70's then up to 160, then down again, did that happen to anyone when you first got your pump? I've only had it for 2 weeks so everything is new to me! any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

Hang in there.  Its frustrating at first but so worth it once you get the settings right.  When do the highs and lows happen in relation to when you eat/ when you bolus?

Thanks Charles! I'm trying! lol well things are getting better now that it has been a couple days, it seems like I get lows maybe like a couple hours after I eat, everything is so new that I'm not even sure, it seems like it changes on a daily basis :(

It is hard to get your basals set up perfectly..... I have found thast doing my Bolus for food before i eat helps prevent the Blood sugar rise then crash after meals... because Insulin takes about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to work.... (depending on the foods consumed and the individuals metabolism....)

       What sort of insulin are you using? and What is your ratio of insulin to carbs for meals and snacks?

   These can also affect your bg after eating.....

   any other questions? just let me know.. and i'll do my best to answer efficently and with full details...