Sex Drive and Diabetes

Quick question - Have you noticed that you want sex more often or less often then the average women?

Example, out of all the Juvenile Diabetics I have met, all but one have had a crazy sex drive (myself included).

my sex drive goes in waves. sometimes i want it all the time, and then randomly for a month or two i won't be too interested. usually it's pretty high though.  haha it's led me to be very open to causal sex and friends w/ benefits when between boyfriends. i think there's a huge difference between having sex, and "making love". lol

ha, funny. i just had this conversation with someone else today. ok, well not this exact conversation, but something similar.

i wouldn't say my sex drive is crazy, but i do rather enjoy it. a few times a day isn't crazy, right? ahaha. i kid. while i've partaken in casual sex before, i will admit i'm not necessarily a fan. i like to feel special when i'm with someone, and that doesn't usually happen for me with casual sex. HA, i guess when it comes to sex i'm kind of picky :o)

I have very little sex drive......I think it is a combination of diabetes, depression, and not feeling very sexy about my body right now......I wish I had more!!

*laughs* well.. ummm if my sugars are "normal" than I am pretty.. ummm active? But when they are high I dont even hardly wanna CUDDLE with hubby.


*frustrated as they are high currently*

I find when im high i'm more cranky about HOW we cuddle, cuz i also have back issues and so if we lay one way on teh couch and it hurts..i'll normally tell him and we'll move..but if i'm high and cranky i get bitchy about it. haha but i still like sex when i'm high..good way to bring down the levels!

Hey girls! New to the site, thought I'd see what the girls are talking about :-)

And as an ice breaker (I guess!!!), I follow the norm that Kristin noticed: crazy high sex drive.

I really like this thread because this is actually something I've been wondering about.  I've only been a type 1 diabetic for a little over a year and I would have to say that my sex drive now is a lot more crazy then before I got diagnosed. 

Lately, my sex drives seems lower than normal. Probably due to stress about school, life, and, oh yeah, the diabetes. Also contributing is the fact that I'm not sure if I'm in a good relationship - contemplating jumping ship. Maybe that would solve the low drive :P Just kidding, he's a great guy. But, I'm not sure if we're right for each other.

Back to the original question, I know when my levels are high, sex is the last thing on my mind :P So, when I'm on a rollercoast with my levels, forget it :P

I'm having a lower sex drive (i still have sex, but I'm waaaaaay less likely to actually orgasm..which one was bonus of my bf from the rest..I actually could 99% of the time! haha) but we're both super stressed and busy, so i blame that more than my bg's!

i dont mind sex when im high, but im less likely to be during (haha) because i feel like crap(if i'm really really high)

I'm less likely to even be interested in sex if I'm on the high side.  Though I agree--my sex drive's pretty crazy on the norm.

Really???  Wow. 

I have been wondering about this subject recently.  I have been type I for about 20 years.  I have found my sex drive (especially recently) to be virtually non-existent.  I always thought it was diabetes related, but with everyone saying they have high sex drives, I'm wondering if it is something else.  My blood sugars are not what you would call perfect, but they could be worse.  Do none of you other t1 women have this problem?

Anyway.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Ditto Brianna.  Whenever anything is "wrong" with me I always assume it is diabetes related.  I think my sex drive has always been on the low side (even nonexistant at times) and so I always thought it was because of my BG's.  I was hoping that when I get my cgm and level out my numbers I can have an awesome crazy sex drive like these other ladies, LOL!

Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with diabetes and is just the result of being stressed out or having low self esteem.

Ok, well it makes me feel better that at least one other person has this problem!  Mine has always been low, but probably for the last year or so, it's been worse than low.  I guess it could also be stress related.  I was laid off from my job in February, have no prospects at the moment (it's really tough out there right now), and I found out that (unless Congress extends it), my unemployment will run out in a month.  Then when my COBRA subsidy runs out in a few months, I'll be paying over $700 a month for health insurance.  Yay! 

(Sorry, just venting a bit.  Hope you all don't mind!)

My drive is up and down.  It depends on my mood and how my day went. 


That is awesome!  I can't really tell if it has affected my sex drive (I think I have always had a pretty good one!).  I never connected the two.  I do think when my glucose levels are not doing as well my drive is down, but usually that happens when my life in general is stressed so I think it all affects it.  


My sex drive was higher once I started taking insulin after I got diagnosed and my BG's are more normal. It has gone WAY UP since I stopped taking the pill and got on prenatal vitamins. We were planning on trying for a baby later this year, so I got off the pill and on vitamins to prepare. All I can say is, my husband is a lucky guy =) Teehee!! TMI, I know...

I go a period of time when I want sex all the time and then I go a period of time when I don’t want to be touched…like now… usually it’s the guy that gets frustrated when the women has low sex drive but I get frustrated with myself. I just recently purchased these pills off Amazon that are suppose to help. I just started taking them so we will see if they help.