She's so high

There was a time when diabetes and I had a lovely working relationship... That ended a good 10 years ago when I first went on a pump, and has been "working" since returning to MDI's about 5 years ago. I admit, when I went back to school, diabetes was not the number one thing on my mind. Unless you count how to avoid lows while being a Phys Ed student teacher. Chugging a juice, while dribbling a basketball is not on my list of fav things to do!

Since finishing up last April, and getting a good old A1C wake-up call, I got my ass into gear... Eating better, being more active and generally more attentive to the fact diabetes needs to be a higher priority. Minus the fact that I worked in another province for 6 months and forgot about bloodwork and my doctor relocated without informing me resulting in another few months wait time to get in for an appointment, I've been making an effort. The kicker, I did one of those 5 minute A1C tests a couple weeks ago, and it is all but the same as me just going on as I have for the past few years. So, all of this time and energy results in the same average sugars?! Seriously, not helping the motivation factor. Combined with the fact that I am rocking the cold of the year, where no matter how much insulin I take or what I eat, I seem to be between 11 and 20. Good times. And I have to face the endo tomorrow. Even better.

I'm just uber frustrated that no matter what I do, the A1C seems destined to sky rocket. Any words of wisdom / practical and usable advice to help get things going in the right direction??

Your story sounds similar to my own...I don't really have any words of wisdom, but maybe words of comfort.  A lot of us go through the same types of frustration.  I say, let yourself off the hook.  No matter what your A1C says, you should feel better knowing that you are taking the initiative to become more healthy.  Let go of the guilt of what you've put your body through in the past.  One by one, everything will start to fall into place.  And before you know it, your A1C will refect your hard work.  Take a deep breath, and set your sights on one thing at a time.


All we can do is keep breathing.