Shirt Design

I just made this shirt and wanted to share.

Hee hee, I like it!  I designed something similar for a marketing class in college a few years back.

haha i love it!! i kinda want one

i would totally wear that.  so funny and creative!

you make it, i'll buy it!

If you send me a blank shirt (in any bright color) that fits you and ~5 dollars, I'll make it and send it back! Message me if you're interested.

ajax--I LOVE IT! i think it's great. fabulous job!!

haha luv it

Ajax, I am quite tempted to send you a shirt and money. Does it need to be in small unmarked bills? Can I mail it in change?

Sure... i've always been told not to send cash in the mail, but i've never been too worried about it. If I could figure out a way to do it online, I'd be down for that, but I don't know what it would be.

The no sending money in the mail thing is more of a loss prevention risk. Could you imagine mailing $2,000 in cash to pay a credit card bill and have the envelope get "Lost". I mean my grandma mails me money from time to time and I get that.