"shooting up..."

So I was the bus on my way to a softball game for school and I wasn't feeling too good so I tested and realized I was really high and my set had come out.  I didn't have any back-up pump supplies with me (from then on I made sure to always bring some with me haha)  so I texted my parents to see if they could bring some syringes to the game so i could get some insulin in me.  My team was used to me testing and stuff but the other team's faces when they saw me take a shot in the arm right before a game was priceless.  haha

i know what you mean i always get the weirdest looks when i take my insulin in public :)

dude i know what you mean!!(: when i do it at restaurants....one waiter looked at me, and his eyes got really big like i was on drugs!! haha i should have been like:MMMMMMMM YESSS!!! THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD!! WHAT?!!! you haven't heard of muscular crack before??