Shopping for new system

I’m shopping for a system for my newly diagnosed 7.5 year old boy. I’m not new to parenting a young diabetic, but I need some user/parent reviews on what’s best. I’m leaning towards the omnipod and would like to know what you guys think about that one. How reliable is the adhesive for a sweaty, active, beach-going boy? average, how many pods get ruined? Also, if we go with this one, is it best to stick with Dexcom? or would freestyle be a good option? Any input would be appreciated.

mom of TWO diabetics

Dexcom G6 is the most accurate from my experience, also more expensive, depending on insurance. If a tuned pump is not a dealbreaker AND you have access to the Dexcom G6, please consider the Tandem t:slim X2 with Control IQ software. A CGMS is a great help to T1D management, but for most people, G6 integrated with partial automated insulin delivery is a life changer. Currently, Tandem is the only commercial system that’s integrated with G6. Tandem is approved for users over 6, with some requirements for minimum weight and minimum total daily dose that might eliminate your son. CIQ software is in the FDA approval process for children. Best wishes for your decision.

Hi @carla007, from my personal experience using the Control IQ Automated Insulin Delivery System [AIDs], the Tandem t-slim x2 insulin pump combined with the DexCom G6 glucose sensor is by far the ultimate choice. Right now, the CIQ is the only commercially available, USFDA approved, in its classification. As Mike said, before getting this for your son, check into the weight and daily insulin requirements.

That said, Insulet OmniPod is close to releasing a new system [Horizon] that pairs with the DexCom G6 glucose sensor; I don’t recall if the Insulet algorithm is designed to fully adjust insulin levels. Speak with your OmniPod representative and study that system.

Not a parent of a T1 but as a user of omnipod, more than 3 years, I’ve lose an average of 3 a year to ripping them off during an activity. Never had one come off due to adhesive issues during any activity. In fact, I have to use an adhesive remover to get them off my hairy body. Dexcom’s cgms, I have had come up/off but still use them many years…

Unfortunately, no one can really tell you how any of these adhesive products work on your child without a really giving it a go…hope this helps.

Hi @carla007. I’ve tried the Freestyle Libre, but I’ve used Dexcom for many years now. Unless there is another Freestyle device you’re referring to, keep in mind that the Libre does not have alarms, so your little one might need to tell you he “feels funny” so you can swipe a reading.
I was diagnosed at age 3, and BG meters and CGMS didn’t come on the scene until I was out of college - so it is possible (and people should learn) to recognize something is going on. But if I were a parent I’d like to have the alerts - heck, I like them for myself now :slightly_smiling_face:.
I don’t use the Omnipod so can’t comment on it.

There is no right or wrong answer. BUT I am also the parent of 2 T1Ds, and we did a free trial of the Medtronic 630 a few years ago before the 670 was released and didn’t like the product, especially the tubing. Both my kids are on Dexcom G6 and Omnipod, and someone mentioned the Horizon closed-loop system which is set to release early 2021, but sooner than that Tidepool loop should be releasing a closed-loop “app”. We have periodic pod issues for various reasons, but i always call them in, and they ALWAYS replace them, even if they just “fell off”. Same with the G6. We have been very happy with both product and their customer service. Good luck!

T2D here. I would vote for Tandem CIQ + Dexcom G6. Check approvals and malpractice suits.

My daughter was diagnosed 5 years ago at age ten. We have used Dexcom through several versions but I can tell you for accuracy and ease of use the Dexcom G6 is hard to beat. As a parent, it gives me peace of mind with all the share features and allowed us to give her more independence even when she was younger (I.e. sleepovers). We did have some adhesive issues with Dexcom when she was swimming, however using Skin-Tac when applying the sensor and occasionally some Tega-Derm for the last few days of the sensor session if it was loosening up really helped out.

We also have used Omnipod for 5 years. She appreciates the freedom without having tubes. Now that she’s a little older we find we can only go two days before having to change the pods out but that’s not been an issue with insurance. We have lost a couple of pods through the years (messed up installation, pod failure, fell off) but Insulet always replaces them without question if you call them in. We looked hard at Tandem T-Slim because of Control IQ, but chose to stay with Omnipod and are looking forward to the Horizon.

As far as cost goes, I highly encourage you to check you pharmacy benefits. We used to get both Dexcom and Omnipod through our durable medical equipment benefit which cost us a few thousand dollars each year. Once they became available on pharmacy benefit, we get them via mail order for a few hundred dollars each year.

At the end of the day, choose what gives him the confidence and freedom to manage his diabetes and not feel like it’s controlling him!

I have a very active 7 year old girl. She wears Tandem T slim and Dexcom G6.
I love it. When he’s at the beach just disconnect. She has never had the infusion set pulled off. She wrestles with her brothers and is very active. She has had the Dexcom come off early. To me, the omnipod is a bigger target to get pulled off.
She wears the pump in a spandex running type belt under her shirt.

@Woodsluk Hi Luke and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

Thank you for your response to this inquiry and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. To me, it sounds as if you have helped your daughter manage her diabetes well during these last few years, and I hope that now she is well able to manage her diabetes on her own. If the Horizon AID system is anything like the Control IQ AID system I know she will find it to be wonderful.

I am a T1D and using Omnipod Dash with Skin Tac, I have few issues with pods. On the odd occasion when I do, Omnipod always replaces them without an issue. They are small, versatile and easily hidden, you can even get decals to disguise them which are fun. The game changer for me is being tubeless, Omnipod’s are quick and easy to change too.
I use freestyle Libre 14 day sensor, it works well for me. Dexcom has many advantages, the application process put me off, seem to think a parent can monitor remotely, which would be fantastic as you adjust…
Omnipod & Freestyle have helped me continue safely, my active, go getter lifestyle.
Best of luck, you will do brilliantly!