Short Cycles?

Has anyone had issues with short menstrual cycles (e.g. 18-19 days between cycles)?  I had a difficult time getting pregnant with my daughter because of this and needed some help with medications to lengthen my leuteal phase.  After my daughter was born (HORRAY!!) my cycles went to around 23-25 days, which I was told was considered normal, but lately the past two cycles have been 18 and 19 days, and although I am not looking to conceive now (I'm OK with it if it happens), I don't like having a period what seems like every other week.  I don't think I'm ovulating and I am constantly calculating.  It's driving me nuts!   My OB told me normal cycles are anywhere from 21-35 days, and that if I was TTC, they could put me on what worked for me last time.  I told him that we weren't planning on TTC until next fall, but I was hoping to not need "assistance" with the medeications and that it would just happen naturally for baby #2.   Anyone share in this experience? 

Hi Nicki,

My husband and I are TTC for the first time ever and I'm so glad I found your post. I have not seen my OB since my Endo gave us clearance to start trying 4 months ago. My periods we averaging every 45 days, ever since the exact day we got clearance (I was ovulating that day) we have not got pregnant yet and my diabetes and my periods have been extremely screwy! My periods come every two weeks or so now, my bgs have been dropping all the time, my insulin needs have changed and my pump has had to be readjusted twice already, which now I have some highs. (grr). I've taken home pregnancy tests throughout the 4 months and all have been negative. I finally called my OB and I see him tuesday, I will have to mention what I read on your post and see if that might help us out. Sucks that we can't seem to do it on our own. I don't feel like stress has any part to do with it and I'm in great health other than that. Do you have any other advice for me?

Hi Nikki:

When I first went to the OB when my husband and I were TTC with my daughter (my cycles were really short), they tried clomid for 3 cycles. It did not work. Next they tried a drug called Femara and injections of HCG @ 3 specific times during the cycle. The third cycle with those medications helped us to finally get pregnant (also had a test where they shoot dye into your uterus/falopian tubes to make sure they are not blocked-they were not)! It addition to the medications they also had me take my BBT (basal body temperature) every morning.  I am now expecting baby number 2 (20 weeks in already) and did not need any assistance...I just started checking BBT at the beginning of this year and on St. Patty's Day got one of the best pieces of news of my life-a positive pregancy test! I know how difficult/sensitive a topic fertility issues are for people to discuss...and diabetes makes things a little more difficult while trying to control glucose readings. Hang in there...try not to over calculate things...much easier said than done-I know...and let me know how it goes at the OB on Tuesday.  It can be a difficult situation but it's nice to know there are others out there that share similar experiences and can understand what you are going through. Feel free to contact me with any future questions. Good luck on Tuesday!  :)

So I saw the OB and he did an ultra sound, we found out my uterine lining is really thick which could be because I was starting my period soon (today) so I go back in on Friday and if it does not shed it all then he will do a D & C and says we should be able to conceive right after. Kind of relieved and nervous. We shall know more after Friday.