Short Film about living with T1D

Hey there Type 1 Nation. I’ve had T1D for 19 years now and I’ve been working for years, saving all of my money to help representation of T1D on screen with accuracy. It was a complete labour of love and played film festivals all over the world, but it’s finally out for the public:

I hope you check it out!

I just checked out your movie. Are the characters based on your personal experience? Very nice - thank you for sharing your labor of love. Have a marvelous Thanksgiving.

Thank you very much wadawabbit. Yes, it’s based on my personal experience growing up with T1D, 20 years ago. It seems like such a long time ago now…but some of it still stays with me. Happy Thanksgiving from your Canadian neighbour!

I watched. Nicely done but so sad.

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Thank you for watching marinekeeper! I appreciate that.

Just finished watching so sad people don’t know our everyday struggles.

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Thank you for watching Sara! Agreed. It was my hope to open the door into our world for a brief moment for the audience. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your email I hope to be able to send the video to my daughter to show everday life with type 1

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