Short pens, test strips, lancets

Which vendor do you guys use? My last order was from Shipped quickly and the price was 1/3 of what it cost through my insurance management program. At this time I’m not seeing what I need on and many of the other vendors are very expensive.
Any suggestions?

Hi. You might try Goodrx - you can go online or use the app. It shows prices for medications and some supplies at pharmacies in your area.

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I don’t know what you have for ins but look into Livingo they work with a lot of ins company . They send you a meter { bluetooth} high end meter and all the test strips and lancets you can or will use in a 3 month period of time, if you check your sugar 20x a day they will send you supplies to cover a 3 month period also the meter will keep track of your test strips and alert you its time to reorder, you just hit the button on the meter and your order will be sent and the best part is no out of pocket expense.

Thank you wadawabbit. Sorry for the delayed response. Will check it out.
Albert I have Medical Mutual. I will check out Livingo.
I recently ordered short pens from total diabetes. A box of 100 is $12.35 which is a great deal, imo. However, their pricing on test strips is ridiculously high. Oh well, I’ll just have to comparison shop often.