Should Convicted Cow Thief With Diabetes Be Let Out of Jail?

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I saw this really interesting article about a guy in Texas that was convicted of stealing cows, but says jail personnel are ill-equipped to help him manage his severe case of Type 1 diabetes. He wants to serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest. Do you think the judge should grant that request?

Check out the Diabetes News Hound summary and his music video here: Convicted Cow Thief With Diabetes Says Jail May Kill Him


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Diabetes or not I personally do not believe in jail/prison time for non violent offenders.

Stealing farm equipment is despicable.

This young man is in need of a lot of help. It sounds like he need to get in control of his numbers and learn that he has control in his life. Right now he is trying to manipulate the situation as much as he can- in a way that could potentially kill him- from what I've read I don't think he knows what else to do. Leaving jail and going under house arrest will not help his sugars get better, it wont help him get a job. He needs intensive help getting his sugars under control! If he is like a few of the young people I met at with diabetes- he may have NEVER learned how to work with his diabetes.

Yes, in the present moment, in prison he will die. He needs intense training and care to save his life.

If we help him gain control in his diabetes it is very possible that he will thrive.

Based on the precedent mentioned in the article, it would make sense to go back to house arrest.  I wonder what the Americans with Disabilities Act and other legislation can offer him, and why he is turning to the general public instead.  I do believe there should be objective criteria agreed upon by all parties, so it can be determined if his control improves.  If he violates any standard or care criteria, he should be removed from house arrest.