Shout out to Animas

I called Animas the other day to ask about why my son's pump screen was getting dimmer and dimmer. Even though I had the brightness setting set to 10 (the highest). It happened kind of slowly, but I do know that it didn't improve when I changed the battery a few weeks ago. So anyway, the tech support person I spoke with said she would send out a new pump to arrive the next day. Which I appreciated very much.

Well, just in case you haven't - WRITE DOWN or DOWNLOAD all of your pump settings! I had totally not considered that it would take me some time to enter all the settings of the current pump into the old one. It ended up taking about an hour to get everything to match, and I was glad that I had his old pump still working that I could go to each screen and get them to match. And I still missed a couple settings - like I hadn't turned IOB on - only had changed the duration to match my son's. Caught that this morning.  It wasn't hard but it was more thinking than I had done in a while about his settings.

And the new pump screen is SO much brighter than what the old one was. New one is set to 8 and is at least 3x brighter than the old one. LOL. I'm glad I did finally call before we couldn't see anything and were in a real bind. So THANKS ANIMAS!!!