Sibling with diabetes

Hey guys, I'm a diabetic but so is my younger brother who's 8. This new school year was his first time going to school with diabetes and he's been coming home crying because some of the kids make fun of him for taking shots or checking his sugar. We live with my uncle and he's not the sympathetic type so I feel like it's my job to make him happy or at least want to go to school. I was diagnosed when I was a sophomore so I never went through what he's going through. Any suggestions on what to say because I have no clue

I would talk to the principal&teachers,but try to make it subtle so the kids don't notice and your brother won't feel like an outcast.  Find a way for him to say something to the kids that are picking on him that will somehow make sense to them, and somehow leave him alone, be more of a friend to him.  there are also support groups and groups with kids his own age, he should be able to go the office/nurses office to check himself and take shots, that shouldnt be done in the classroom, maybe after time the kids would 'forget about it';you can message me if you need more help :)

Maybe his big brother could go to his class and give a talk about what it's like to have diabetes. Show them some needles. Ask for any volunteers to see what it feels like to get a shot every time you eat and to have to stick you fingers for blood 10 times a day.  Your tough little brother would be the only volunteer. It might help.

Bullying sucks but it is also illegal in many states. The school needs to get involved and stop it.

Every class has at least one kid who's a turkey.  They tend to be insecure bullies, who have messed up home lives.  I'm sure most of the kids in class don't think less of your brother or think he's weird.  So you might help your brother find ways he can deal with the 1 or 2 kids who are giving him a hard time.  Maybe something as eloquent as, "At least I can give myself shots.  You couldn't handle it.  You probably cry like a baby when you get a shot at the doctor's office."

Ultimately your brother needs to have confidence and not let some jerk get him down.  As you know, boys harass each other incessantly.  The only solution is to stand up and not be a target.  

Thanks so much for help guys, Terry, I took your advice and talked to the teacher and I'm gonna give a talk to the class monday :) I'm also gonna talk to the principal to work something else out thanks guys!

Good for you. Bring lots of things for the show and tell part! Especially the sharps container.

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Great job Matthew!!  Your brother is very lucky to have you!!  It's so important to have someone who cares and someone to talk to.