Sick and throwing up :-(

In the almost 2 years that my daughter has been diagnosed she's never been really sick.  Sure the odd cold here and there but nothing worrisome.  Until today :-(  Brookie woke up at 2am throwing up and it's yet to stop.  I've tested 3 times and her average bg is 8.3.  I've read all the information I have and I know I still need to give insulin, just half the normal dose.  So I did and we shall see!!  I'm very worried about a low though.. there is no way she can stomach anything.  I'll try juice, but I doubt that will stay down either.  Or maybe her bodies defensive system will keep her sugars high?  It's going to be a very long and stressful day :-(

Oh, and did I mention it's her birthday?  My beautiful baby girl is 9 years old today.  Some birthday!

Be very very careful! Be aware that she may have to go to urgent care. If she has been vomiting for hours and has not been able to hold down water, I'd take her right away. She could be going into DKA and will need help getting hydrated again. Its happened to me =(. It is good that her sugar level look really good. but if she doesn't start drinking water/sports drinks soon get her to a medic.

=) happy birthday of course! I know birthdays like this lol I was diagnosed on mine. Happy birthday baby girl!

Happy Birthday to Brookie! :-)   Sorry she's sick.  When I was sick as achild even now withthe diabetes, my bloods eventually dropped.  I use to take small sips of regular coke and ginger ale.  This seemed/seems to settle my stomach.  My mom used to put me on the "BRAT" diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast).  This usually works.  I even use this die on my two children when they are sick (even though they aren't diabetic), but it does work.  Also, since she is young, try a little bit of PediaLite or even Gatorade.  Juice doesn't always stay down because of the acidity level in it.  Crackers or a plain piece of toast should help at first as well.  Growing up with D, I was usually sick in the winter.  Most of the time, I ended up dehydrated.  So, the fluids help alot.  Even if she just takes a little sip at first.

Trust me, she'll be watched very, very closely!  I'm very worried about dehydration.  I have gatorade on hand, but I like the regular pop idea too.  Small sips is all I ask for.  Thanks for the advice :-)

Usually being sick makes my blood sugars go up.  So you may need to give extra insulin if that happens.  Just test a lot and make small corrections.

As others have said, dehyration is the real danger in getting sick.  In addition to pop and gatorade you may also try popsicles (Pedialyte makes a bland one for little kids). 

If she gets unresponsive or so weak she can't walk well, you may need to go to the doctor for an IV to rehydrate.  It's not likely this will be necessary, but it's possible.   

Stomach flu has been raging thru our town over the last several months. When it hit our family it was a 24 hour thing and that is what I have heard from all other families. Our kids were able to start keeping food down after 12 hrs. Prior to that, everything came back up. THat was the first stomach flu for my T1D son and we didn't have to do anything. His sugars were pretty good and it was only the regular testing and watchful worrying until he started keeping food down.

Everyone was back to eating normally by the next day, so hopefully she can enjoy some cake tomorrow!