Sick! :( Help!

Hi everyone!

I know I am new here, but I need some advice!

I have been sick for the past two days with a stomach bug...I can't seem to keep anything down and I was just wondering if you all had suggestions as to keeping my blood sugar maintained..I have had stomach viruses before, but none as severe as this..I can't keep anything down!!

Please help!!!!


Get to the hospital, your doctor's, or local clinic now.

You have had it for two days and that is too long. If you can drink water then do that too.

Please, get medical help now.


I have a doctor's appointment at our local clinic at 1.

Do you have any suggestions on eating?

I'm so proud of you!

Again, keep trying to drink fluids.

Also, please call your doctor again and ask them about trying to eat, they are there for you for moments like this. I don't feel it is safe for you to be looking for emergency medical advice here on this site. We don't know you or your medical history or what your diabetes is doing. All of these things matter and your doctor will be the best resource.

But, come back and chat after you are on you get over your stomach bug :)

You can try regular popscicles (so they have some carbs).   You also don't say if you are on a pump or injections, but talk to your doctor about decreasing your basal/bolus rates until you are healthy.   And, check your BG more often (like every two hours, at least).


I am not a doc nor have I ever studied anything medical other than my own and my family’s care so I’m afraid I am one of the most limited sources of information available.  Getting in to a clinic should definitely be a top priority.  My other suggestion is drinking, not eating.  Pedialite is, I suspect, least likely to trigger more trouble but when you are sick, least likely is still not unlikely, I'm afraid.  I say this based on a little bit of reading about why they made their product the way they do...  I would also recommend that you drink it slowly. 

Test OFTEN - it's the only way you're likely to know how your sugars are doing.  Can you have someone else drive you, I hope???

They have a couple of medical options to get you to keep things down at the clinic and if you are as dehydrated as I suspect you will be, I think you can expect them to pop an IV on you for a bit, also.

I wish you all the best and I hope you post back soon to let us know how you are doing!

Warmest -


I had a horrible stomach virus a few weeks ago too. it's terrible to not only be sick but to have to constantly worry about blood sugars. (can I get an Amen people?) what I did was just sipped on juice all day and night. sometimes I could keep it down and sometimes I couldn't but at least I was getting the sugar that I needed. I feel it is safer to run a little higher rather than lower when I'm sick.

I had the stomach bug this past weekend and i was sipping regular coke. You have to be careful because you can get starvation ketones. Try to keep hydrated even though its hard when you have a bug. Hope you feel better soon.



Hi Audrey,

I have been there.  I had an awful stomach flu a couple years ago and couldn't eat - let alone move - without being sick to my stomach.  I ended up going to emergency and getting glucose & fluids via IV (as well as a gravol IV).  I don't know how sick you are, but it might be worth considering.  It certainly helped my situation!  Once I felt a bit better, I had a lot of real-fruit popsicles.

- Laura

One of my sons doctors told us that three times thrown up means an ER trip.  He told us if he wasnt able to keep stuff down and has thrown up three times it is just safer to seek help.  He had the bug that has been going around on New Years Day.  Thankfully it was only 24 hours and he only threw up twice but could only hold down propel and gatorade.  We checked his blood sugars ever 1.5 to 2 hours.

Keep us updated


My sons endocrinologist has taught us that as long as your blood sugars aren't low (which usually isn't the problem - they go high) your diet should only be crackers and water, maybe broth or other clear liquids) you just need to keep your fluids up so you don't dehydrate and you can remove the ketones that begin to build with sickness and high blood sugars.  The ketones happen because your body "saves itself" during starvation mode by releasing the sugars in the liver - they also throw off the ketones which  can damage the liver if you don't get the ketones out.  So as long as you can keep fluids in you should be okay - if you can't and begin to dehydrate an IV is probably your only option - not for nutrients, but to keep the ketones flushing out of your system.

We have been taught to treat the high blood sugars with our normal overage doses that we use when we count his meals.  We don't give insulin for the meal carbs unless he has them, but dose the high blood sugars to keep the numbers down.

If any of this doesn't make sense feel free to ask for clarification.  It's the first time I've tried to explain it to someone else.

I am feeling much better today but I am resting. Thank you for all of your help!!


Glad to hear it!