Sick of being mature

So I graduate from college on Saturday. I was diagnosed in the middle of sophomore year and have been pretty good since then. Last week I got my highest A1c ever, (6.7) despite the cgm. It’s mostly cuz of blind bolusing and not exercising, and i know that and I’m working on it. In fact, since getting the A1c result I’ve had near no hitters with an awesomely accurate sensor. Tonight I drank and then came home and accidentally pulled this kick ass sensor off. Damn. However, I put a new onein immediately, decide to cut my losses. Then I somehow LOST MY TRANSMITTOR. IN MY ROOM. No where for it to go, but it is gone. I’ve looked everywhere. How many places in one room could it hide?! It is brand new, too. And WAY more expensive than I can afford to replace.

I just wish I could take a night off from diabetes. or not lose and of break and or witness the malfunction of things that help me survive. I wok do frikken hard I feel like I deserve a break!

Wow. My slightly drunk iPhone typing is awful. Sorry.

6.7 is the highest A1c you've ever had?! I would say you're doing a pretty good job of taking care of your diabetes then. 6.7 really isn't that bad. A tad lower would be better, but still. My highest A1c was 9.8 but many diabetics have even higher A1c's.

I think ALL diabetics just want a break sometimes. It's normal. Diabetes is not only a physical disease, but it actually takes a serious emotional toll on you. It can be really stressful. It's a lot of work to constantly monitor your blood and correct highs and lows. And the financial part is hard too! Even with health insurance I still spend a fortune on co-pays. I've spent over $1,800 the past yr! Sometimes I just like to vent to my husband or mom about how much I HATE this. It helps to just get it off your chest. But also remember, it could be worse. I hate having diabetes, but atleast it's something I can treat and care for. Hang in there...

I wonder if you can find the transmitter by moving your receiver around the room in 5 foot increments and seeing if it starts picking it up.

Wow Ajax I kinda feel like we have been living the same life. I got diagnosed the middle of sophomore year, I just graduated from college today, my a1c have slowly been increasing (5.7, 6.1, 6.3) so because of this I just got the dexcom cgm and lastly (and most importantly hahaha) we both have an iphone! this is just craziness. now if I lost my receiver too I would just lose my mind!!!

anyways, I hope you find it! and soon. and I know this disease can suck sometimes but what can ya do?

So, update. I looked for about two hours, moved items all over, looked under everything and didn’t find it. And then I moved out. It was sitting on my desk in plain sight, and we are happily reunited.