Sick of ID Tags so I got a tat

That's sweet!  I just lost my really expensive white gold bracelet in the ocean when I was surfing last week.  I took it in to get it fixed not too long before that.  Ugh.  I am thinking about a tatoo, but really unsure.

hey that's pretty cool Rich..but have you confirmed with the hospital in your area that the paramedics will know to check your arm for that if you are passed out, or that they will even consider it as a replacement for the dog tags/bracelet?

Yeah i have a few friends that are EMT's .. they are being trained to start looking for ID Tats I was told


That's also why I got it on my lower arm .. so it's easier to spot



GAHHH. I can't wait to turn 18 to get a tattoo.

I plan on getting either a gray or blue mini ribbon with a blood drop on the end and then next to it I'm gonna have the date I was diagnosed and then leave a space for a date when I'm cured. :) Oh, and it'll be on my wrist. :))

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Yeah i have a few friends that are EMT's .. they are being trained to start looking for ID Tats I was told


That's also why I got it on my lower arm .. so it's easier to spot



awesome :) i'm gonna get a tattoo..sooner or later, but im still gonna wear my bracelet. i feel naked without it. i havent taken it off more than three times or something in 15years.

that's awesome. I have been debating a tattoo for some time now. I have one designed and everything but I wasn't sure if it really could replace an ID bracelet. I was told that sometimes they don't take them seriously, which doesn't make sense to me but whatever.

Perhaps once I get enough money I will go ahead and do it.

Here's the tattoo that I designed...

I don't know man.  I'd be concerned that you'd have some kind of medical emergency and the EMTs wouldn't see it.  You're in Boson.  If you were at the Patsies game in January, or skiing, or shoveling your driveway with a ski jacket and 3 layers of sweaters/sweatshirts, would they  roll up your sleeves or remove clothing to look for that tat?  Seems like that may take a while and they might not have that time.    A bracelet or necklace they're trained to look for and would find within seconds.

Do what works for you, but I'd be concerned.  Might be good for expressing yourself or whatever, but as far as medical alert, not sure.

I agree with DDrumminMan, a tat is great to connect you with yourself and your disease, but an EMS worker might miss it. I love the idea, I wish we all could create a 'standard area' for the tat and make the EMS to look for it: like where our bracelets used to do we do this?

I like it that is awesome! I also find it somewhat amusing because me being diabetic was always my mom's excuse for why I shouldn't get a tattoo when I was younger.

I'm hoping you have to get that tatoo painfully removed soon b/c that would mean they'd found a cure!! lol

Check out these tmep tats! Great for little kids!


Here's mine I am a mech. so I don't wear loose stuff.

More and more people seem to be getting medical ID tattoos.  I have a non-D tattoo on my leg but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to get a medical ID one.  While I don't try to hide my diabetes (I test in public, used to inject in public, don't care if my pump is showing etc) I'm not sure if I'd feel comfortable having attention drawn to it.  I don't even wear an ID bracelet even though I know I should.


I do think getting it on the wrist is the best place because that's where they check for bracelets and it should be visible even with long sleeves.

Those are both nice tattoos! When I read this post it reminded me of another tattoo/medical alert post that I'm sure Batts remembers! Its long but you can find it here There it discusses why the tattoo might not be good for a medical alert replacement. 

Your tattoos look great though!

I have a friend who has her children's names tatooed on her wrists.  To me, that seems like a logical place to have a D tatoo, especially if you had it designed to look similar to an ID bracelet.  And, it wouldn't have to look exactly like an ID bracelet; maybe a standard-shaped plaque with the medial symbol and "Type 1 Diabetes", but "held" and surrounded by some lovely celtic scroll-work, or elven vine pattern.  Maybe even a little pixie peeking out from behind the plaque.  (I wish I were an artist so I could work on this).  I've also seen tatoos that look like a piece of jewelry around the neck.  Those are both places an EMT will look for ID jewelery, so why not a tat?



That's so cool. I am thinking about getting one when I'm older. That way I won't have to keep up with my dogtag and my bracelette. I hate having to wear them!

Hi Mo,really a good thought. Maybe someone could draw one up here!!