Sick of pump, want to go back on shots

Hello! 41 yr old female, 30 yrs type one. Been on the pump for 7 yrs, to no avail. Sick of having the same poor control all just to be tethered to the most inconvenient robot. I was on humalog and levemir. I currently am in the process of disability but have zero income and zero current coverage. So that’s another huge reason to cross over. Much less overhead! Thoughts?

@Jaime7803 hi Jamie, shots are fine. You can make any therapy work with enough effort. Long acting was not easy for me so the #1 reason I pump is a program for basal. Pumping is not the cure all, the best thing ever, or the best choice for everyone. Good luck please let us know how you’re doing.

How many settings do you have for your basal? I have three but the difference between each is barely a move lol. I’m one who’d rather have my intake based around my insulin, than basing my pump on what I like to eat? How do you view the usage/ convenience, in that aspect?

I have 2 in the overnight, with a higher basal from 3am till 6, then a much higher rate in the morning to combat a bit of insulin resistance at around breakfast. My lowest is noon to about 3 pm and a little higher 3 to night. That’s about 5 different rates from the highest of 1.2 to about 0.7. I just can’t make that work with a shot.

This pump is a major pain and not only a machine, with batteries but more opportunities for failures with cannula occlusion.

I only really think pumping sucks less than shots, for me, because of the basal program and it allows me to change basal mid day for an unplanned workout or bike ride. For meal time it’s only better for something like pizza where I need to try to match insulin absorption with a pizza that can take 4 hours or more for the carbs to absorb. That’s kind of it.

Whatever you decide you can make it work. I shot the same insulin every day and ate as needed to control blood sugar, worked ok for years. Good luck!

Hmm, im in a diff boat. Im tired of shots and was thinking about trying the pump. What do you believe is causing you poor control with the pump?

Hahaha basically I don’t have a life, so no impromptu anything here. :rofl: I definitely don’t have the health to workout or manage blood sugars during. No insurance, no job blah blah blah. I’m going to be forced off the pump anyway once my sites run out 🤷. Thank you for the reply!

Whats the deal? Why no life? Is your health stopping you from working? Life can be funny at times

My daughter has had T1 since she was 8. She is on a Medtronic pump and it has about 4 settings for her basal. We also use a Dexcom. She is autistic so I & her father have to do all the adjustments. My brother has had T1 since he was 14 and he is 64. He has never used a pump & perfectly happy with shots. He told me that the only thing he has to remember is to take extra needles with him. He now uses a Dexcom.

Yes I’m at a complete stand still on everything. Supreme catch 22 due to complications. Had to sell my house, everything.

That’s exactly how I want to be! Wear a cgm and pop a shot and GO ! lol. Thing is I can’t work, lost everything Im practically homeless and will be blind soon. It’s a huge mess. Thank you for your response!!!

I don’t know where you live, but there should be clinics you can go to. I wish you the best of luck.

I’m a T1LADA, was 45 when diagnosed. Started with shots (cartridges in pens) and after about 18 months, finally gave into my Endo on a pump. For me, it was the best thing I did. My control in general went up, I have 5 basal patterns, 3 ratios (resistance) and does for the food I’m consuming, rather than eating to my dosing. While this new Mini Med pump isn’t as user friendly as the Animas Ping had been, it is what it is and eventually I’ll learn all the bells and whistles.

Some pump companies will make arrangements for reduced costs for supplies, so don’t forget to ask about reduced prices.

I have a Medtronic pump and contacted them months ago about pricing. Discounts are inconsequential when there is zero income.since you pump around food, what’s your carbohydrate total in a day?

Jaime have you applied for Medicaid yet? If you have zero income coming in and you sold your assets, you most likely qualify. As an individual with T1 you can apply for expedited processing of your application due to medical need. This is very important because the Medicaid process can be painfully slow depending on your state. Once on Medicaid you will have full prescription and DME coverage. I also believe that there is a one year gap of coverage before you qualify for Medicare under disability.

I live in GA and when I started these proceedings ten months ago, I was told flat out that I can’t receive Medicaid until I’m approved for disability. In response to the fact I’ll lose my life before then, they simply said look into the market place for coverage. Asinine.

That makes no sense. Medicaid is decided via state funding and shouldn’t impact your disability process. They probably were talking about Medicare, which you can only access via federal disability. When you apply for insurance through the marketplace and you don’t have any income you will be automatically connected the state Medicaid program.

I’ve worked in disability services in both Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. If there is a community hospital that has insurance advisers (which trump mostly cut the funding for) they can help you through that process. Those kinds of services are easier to access in rural areas than in metropolitan areas.

I’m sorry that this has been such a struggle. It’s really difficult to figure these things out without enough support. They don’t make it easy and it is a difficult system to navigate. You deserve support and medicine.

Nope. Was denied for MEDICAID. Even called my agent, who’s working on my disability claim and he concurred. It makes absolutely zero sense. But here I sit. I’ve reached out to everyone, leaps and bounds before it was dire. I told the court appointed rep for my Medicaid hearing " you do know I’ll die without insulin?" Her reply " too bad you don’t have children". RIDICULOUS. Being punished because I was responsible enough to NOT bring a child in this world, upon which I’m too ill to care for. Go figure.

That is truly awful. I am so sorry. I currently work for a non profit, but the prescription coverage is prohibitively expensive so I’m buying my insulin in Canada. I am lucky. It is an ugly system we live in and it’s doing violence to all of us. I imagine that while in this middle ground Walmart insulin and needles is the cheapest option? I am so sorry.

Thank you very much for that avenue to seek! Yes, I understand they build it as such. They want you to give up. I’ll jump on this first thing in the morning :blush: