Sick sugars

So I haven't been really sick since I was diagnosed... about 6 years ago. Well, I was sick this weekend and my sugars were *awful*

I went to bed feeling completely exhausted (I had tested an hour before and I was 120). Well, I tried to sleep but I was waking up ever 30 minutes, first I was hot, then I was cold. I only got up to pee once and I wasn't that thirsty so "being high" didn't go through my head. Well, when I finally got up I was 240! I had that "you've been high for way too long" look under my eyes (y'all know what I'm talking about?) and worst I'd felt in ages. I was sick, hadn't slept, and at 240. ugh!

It took me all day to correct down to the 100s. I'm normally never out of the 100s... so this was just crazy for me, to be in the 2s for so long!

Awful, but I'm almost out of the woods (feeling much much better)! Anyone else had similar experiences while sick?

Whenever I get sick, I have issues with being way too high too.  Even the littlest thing can cause issues like that for me.

Ya, being sick is way bad on blood sugars. I've had diabetes pretty much my whole life, so me and my parents got to deal with all of the elementary school colds and flus. . . blah! I think it also has something to do with why it's harder for diabetics to get over some illnesses, like the flu, because it's hard for our bodies to fight infection when our blood sugars are off and it can't get enough energy, it's kind of like a vicious cyle.