Silicone case/skin?

Hey everyone! I have a mini med pump and really want a close fitting silicone case/skin for it like you can get for phones etc I don’t know if they exist though… I tried looking and found one but it was for another pump:( I always have my pump in some pocket cause I don’t like waist straps and the kinda bulky cases so it has a habit of free hanging from me when I’ve been sitting down and get up lol and gets knocked so I wanted a kinda rubbery skin case that goes on it but like I said no luck :frowning: I was hoping maybe one of you have one or perhaps know if I can get one? But if they don’t exist yet you can tell me :frowning: lol thank you for your help!

They have them on their website they come in 5 different colors. I ordered mine today.


Where??? Do you have the link, because I didn’t see that??

The website is Go to the online store and Click on accessories and then click on cases and clips. They are only $9.95 and they come in 5 different colors. I just got my first pump and when I was talking to my pump rep she was telling me about them, so I order a few of them. They are just coming out I think a few days ago.

Oh gosh thank you !but I’m having trouble finding the page on there site my computer is running so slow lol do you think they’d ship to the UK?


Here is the direct link to the page! I had no idea they had this ! haha

@Gina thank you!! You have no idea how happy I am now!


You are very welcome!!!