Simpatch and swimming

Hello everybody.
My go-to exercise is lap swimming. I haven’t been doing much the last few months, but they just built two new pools very close to me. My goal is to get in four or five times a week. This is Texas. We’re just starting the extreme heat, humidity, mosquito season and any other outdoor cardio is just impossible for me.
I am using Skin Tac with the Dexcom overlay with very good results, but I’m trying to prepare myself just in case. I don’t want to lose a G6 sensor prematurely.
I bought Simpatch some months ago but they didn’t work well for me. The adhesive is supposedly heat activated. Maybe I’m too cool (sorry).
Has anyone used Simpatch with Skin Tac WITHOUT problems and with good results. I searched the forum and saw only skin reaction, allergy, etc.

For my daughter, she went swimming weekly with her prek class. We had good results with just the simpatch on her. She runs cool too, so what i would do is put it on and rub on each side alot so that the friction would keep it on. I cant use the skin tac on her because she developed an allergic reaction to it right off the bat.