"Simplify" Your Diabetes Management - 'Track3' Electronic Device

To help 'monitor' or 'stay on track' with your Diabetes Management, take a look at this NEW Electronic Diabetes Planner the TRACK3 ! You can Count/Log Carbs with Food Data Base of over 50,000 Foods, Restaurants, Brands, and even calculate Recipes!  Log your BG Reading, and Figure your Insulin Dosing with the NEW Insulin Calculator feature!  A Diabetes Planner all in one small 'pocket size' device!  Software included for reports.  Also, keep track of your Exercise/Weight goals.  Go to www.track3DMD.com to find out more.  A proceeds of the sales are donated to JDRF/ADA thru website!  

7 Day = 91

14 Day = 100

30 Day = 112

Last A1c was 9.3 (way up ... but I was off my pump)  back on the pump and doing much better!!