'Simplify' Your Diabetes Management with the 'Track3' Carb Counter, Insulin Calculator, Logger

For those of you who are having trouble 'staying on track' with your Diabetes Management, I wanted to pass along information about the NEW Diabetes Electronic Device, the Track3 to help you!

The 'Track3' is a 'handheld' Electronic Device that has over 50,000 foods, 250 Restaurants, 500 Brands for Carb Counting!  After entering your Carbs & Bg, then figure your Insulin Dose on the NEW Insulin Calculator that is a feature on the Track3!  It's that simple!  Everything you enter will be 'logged' and you can download to the 'Software' provided!  "Simplify' your Diabetes Management and 'stay on track'!!  For more information:  www.track3DMD.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me @ 281-728-5451