Simply Raw

Has anyone  watched the movie Simply Raw.  It focuses on 6 people with diabetes (1 with type 1) and claims that through diet they were able to reverse/cure the diabetes.  While I can understand how the change in diet they did would greatly benefit someone, I can't imagine how it could cure Type 1. I got all of this from the tralier and reading the web site .  Just looking for others opinions. Thanks.

A bunch of crap, pardon my language.  I get tired of these diet cures.  The most they do is lower your carbohydrate intake so that you use less insulin.  Diet control to the max.  But since in t-1 your body does not make insulin, there is no way for it to work correctly without the input of insulin.  It is horrible that they suggest they cure anything!  They should be sued!  (Now let me tell you what I really think)