Site infection?!

soo i was just sitting at my desk minding my own business and doing some work, when i had an itch on my back. so i scratched it, and noticed as i did there was a bump..i thought maybe it was a insect bite cuz they love my blood..but i haven't been outside in 2hours and its kinda random for a bug to crawl up my chair, under my shirts just to bite me(haha).

i just went into the bathroom and the area i was the pump site i JUST got rid of at like..1230pm! it's all red in the area around where the site was, and theres a dark red circle where the actual cannula went in. it's REALLY itchy now...

site infection? i'm gonna go to a walk-in clinic after work in an hour..but i thought i'd see if you guys have had similar issues and it turned out just to be nothing?

earlier this week i had a slight site problem, but it's fine now and it didn't turn red or itchy..( so i'm kinda freaked out by this...

I've had this happen to me before. I use silluete sites and I had a raised red line along the place where the cannula was under my skin.  I had to get a prescription anti-biotic to clear it up. 

blah last thing i need is another round of anti-botics. blaaaah. thanks for the info tho :)

 Sometimes mine bruise, like really bad, but i have never heard of that!

i have had a site infection once, and it was not pretty.
i remember it was very very itchy and like you, i felt a bump under my site.
so when i went to change it, there was a HUGE whitehead on it, and if you looked at my hip from the side, it was raised about an inch.
it was quite gross, and i’m going to spare you guys the details haha.
but i think that it got infected because the adhesive from my new site was overlapping on the place from the old site, and the old site is what got infected.
a few of my friends have had this happen, also, so it’s normal…just uncomfortable haha.
i didn’t take any antibiotics or anything, i just, well…took care of it, and it cleared up on its own in a few days.

hope that helped

My new site is on the opposite side of my body(actually giving my arse a try!) So atleast I know its not related to that!

Sitting waiting to see the walk-in doc right now. Its looking better but I’m gonna get him to check it and the bump I have from the site I took out sunday night(that was tender to tocuh for a few days and has a bump!)

he isnt sure its an infection or an allergic reaction. wants me to see what happens when i take the site i have now out, wait a few hours(like i did before i got there to see him) and if its red and all of that again to come in and he'll check it out again and probably give me antibiotics

Sometimes I get random bumps that take a while to go away from my site but I have never had an infection.  I think if it's really bad you get a fever and such though and an abscess forms under the skin >_<

when i used the cleo, i was severely allergic to the adhesive. my skin would swell and burn and itch, then bleed and scar. now that i use (whatever it is i use with animas) it's not as bad. i still get red and itchy, but it doesn't bleed and scar like the old ones. i starting using benadryl spray before i put the site it and immediately after (it is sticky so it doesn't make it fall off). that seems to help as well.

sorry to here, batts! i hope it gets better for you.

I did have an infected site once (although it was a site where I'd done a shot instead of an infusion site).  It was really terrible (since the bacteria had gotten pushed deep into my skin instead of just slightly under the surface.  The spot (on my arm) started to turn black and now (12 years later), I still have a huge scar from it and it feels hollow under my skin.  So, I had a really bad infected puncture-wound.  And it never itched at all.  There was redness and soreness and puffiness and eventually it started turning dark (when my skin started dying), but there was never any itching. 


The itching makes me think it's some kind of allergic reaction as your endo suggested.  I would keep looking into potential allergies and not worry too much about infection unless something changes or gets worse.

Hope this helps.  Best of luck to you.


i think it might just have been an irritation as its fine now. but we'll see what happens tomorrow when i change my site again..


just to clear up, i didnt go to my endo :) i went to a walk-in clinic and saw the doctor who was on duty

Oops, my bad.  You said that.  Anyway, I hope it clears up!