Site Infections?

I know diabetics are more prone to infections, but I have had problems with infections wayyy before I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I can't really even wear earrings without them being irritated even wearing gold earrings.  Are any of you really prone to infections like that and have had problems with infected sites?  I am thinking about getting a pump (I really want one!!) but am a little worried my sites will be infected all the time. 



All of us have differing needs and requirements and restrictions so I am pretty sure I can’t offer up any definite details or facts that are going to be real helpful here, save one…  I think you can get saline trials on a number of the pumps through your endocrinologist.  I would try one (or more pumps) with one (or more) infusion set s/types of sets to see how you react.  If memory serves (and I may be wrong) I think most of the angled sets are plastic while a number of the straight sets have metal cannulas so there are enough material and depth differences to experiment with – and you should be able to do it without shelling out a bunch of money on a medical gamble…


I know both the Medtronic reps and the Animas reps by me are terrific resources and very helpful and willing to help out a great deal so you may want to start with the pump companies too – if you have one/two in mind…


Okay, a topic on which I know nothing and I’ve written over 180 words – I need an editor (or a muzzle) LOL





I know I can't get a saline trial where I live:(, BUT great idea on just trying some infusion sites.  I might be able to get one free one from a pump rep just to wear for 3 days to see how my body reacts.  I will definitely see if I can swing that, thanks!

Ask Ward when he finally replies to your email! He usually is better by phone.. lol

He let me try one when I met with him (as I told you before)

OR he gave me the name of a nice lady who is a CDE who might work with you and let you try a saline trial.  You'd have to talk to him about it though.


I have been on a pump for 14 years and have never had a site infection.  I recently changed to a needle set instead of a plastic cannula due to other problems, but not infections.  So far, I like the needle set, it is comfortable (unlike it sounds), the needle is very small and short and less likely to clog or pull out without your awareness.