Skin Care for Cold Weather

Hi everyone,
I am in the deep south and we are having a cold snap. The increased cold has my skin going crazy. I put on Goldbond’s diabetic lotion every morning, which has worked like a charm for the two years I have been living with t1d until now. Any of you used to cold weather have any tips or product recommendations?

now I’ve got a question: I’ve never used diabetic lotion, would it be a good idea to do so? I’ve had T1 for 9 months now and I’m always happy when others can qive me some advice :slight_smile:

I have always had dry skin and put lotion on every morning, but after I developed t1d the lotions I was using didn’t cut it anymore. So far the only thing that has lasted all day and stood up to the heat and humidity has been the Goldbond. It really does put a barrier on the skin. I don’t know if it would be helpful to you, but it is something that it won’t hurt you to try. If high blood sugars have left your skin upset it could help. I swear by the Goldbond, but the cold is really doing me in this year. However, I have never fared well in the cold; thankfully we haven’t gotten snow. I hope that helps!