Skin problems

Does anyone else have skin problems related to their diabetes?

Hi Mary -  What kind of skin problems do you mean?  I know some people have had problems with the adhesive used on the pump infusion sets and some alergic to the sterilization products pump companies use for pump supplies.  Is that what you are refering to or is it something else?

I have skin infections that my dr calls sub q cysts.  I almost almost always have at least one.  They get inflammed, hurt like crazy and then drain.  But they never seem to really heal.  I also have a rash on my lower lef that my dr tells me is diabetes related.

MaryB ... Only skin problem  I have is itchy back ... a dry skin issue common with diabetics

Oh my gosh, I've had such bad skin problems this past 6 months, more related to autoimmune probs than D itself. It's all over my body! I just got skin biopsy # 4 yesterday b/c I'm barely responding to the different creams. I'm dreading summer when I can't cover up my whole body! It's so depressing.

@Mary B - YES! I have skin issues as well. I haven’t had any clear diagnoses from doctors… but I, too, have cysts that never seem to heal completely. I get them mostly in the groin area and in my arm pits. They sure do get painful, but, I suppose we are strong people who can adapt to most anything. I also have skin abrasions, mostly on my back, that just seem to be scabs that come out of nowhere. Do you have that problem too?