Skyrocketing After Meals

Hi Ladies--

10 weeks far so good. I got my own dexcom now and I am learning things about my BG that are kind of stressing me out.

This seems to happen after breakfast and dinner ONLY---NOT LUNCH--Breakfast is ALWAYS, ALWAYS the worst... (I count my carbs carefully and bolus accordingly). About 30-45 minutes after I am finished eating, I watch my little arrow point upward and take me up like an elevator close to 200 and then it comes back down in 1-1.5 hours. I know this doesn't sound bad, but my CDE told me that I have to be under 120mg/dL 1 hour after meals....ahhh! I just think about what is happening to my baby and wish there was something I could do to prevent it....I think I may be a little insulin resistant in the morning, so I have been taking my insulin and waiting for 45 minutes before I eat, but this just ends up going up close to 200 again just pushes it off as long as I waited to ear. I need to talk to my CDE about this, but does anyone have any suggestions? I am on an OmniPod pump too.

I'm sure this was all happening before I got my CGM, I am just watching it happen now.



I also get highs in the mornings... even if I don't eat any carbs and take a few units of insulin I watch my glucose creep up on my Dexcom, sometimes even over 200 (morning insulin resistance I guess). I have tried waiting to eat carbs (like you did) for even up to an hour after I bolus (I just keep an eye on my CGM to make sure I'm not dropping). This helps a bit, but I still sometimes get highs. Although my CDE wants me to reach my glucose targets she also wants me to eat more carbs than I was pre-pregnancy (at least 220 per day). I try to limit myself to 20 carbs at breakfast.

Anyways, I have worried a lot about blood sugars in the 200s (which I end up getting almost daily, even if just for a short time) but my OBs and endo don't seem overly worried. They say it's the average that matters, my A1C was good (6.9%... not perfect, but good) pre-pregnancy and so far the heart and spine look good on ultrasound (I am 24 weeks).

I think your signature quote is a great one, and so appropriate for living with diabetes, especially in pregnancy. Although we are given goals which we try to obtain, we have diabetes and we are not going to have perfect blood sugar. In attempts to reassure me my OBs tell me the expect my diabetes to be brittle and they expect insulin resistance to happen (which started for me at 20 weeks). My CDE even said the fact that I started having insulin resistance at 20 weeks means the pregnancy is developing as it should be, because this is expected for type 1 diabetics!! (Of course we are also working on upping my dosages to keep my blood sugars in line).

This is my first pregnancy and I really want the reassurance of a healthy baby in my arms, but from what I can tell even with ups and downs the chance of a good out come is high!

Good luck!

I don’t have too many suggestions, I have the same problem and I’m 31 weeks and have not figured out how to stop my sugars from going super high after my meals. I’ve tried doing more insulin but that just results in my going super low 2 hours after I eat, I’ve tried doing my insulin up to an hour before I eat but that just results in me going low before I eat. The only thing I have found that has helped me not spike as high is doing some of my insulin an hour before I eat them doing the rest right before I eat (like I did before I was pregnant). My doctors are baffled but my A1C is 5.6 so they say I’m going ok. All my other numbers are great, just not an hour after I eat!  Hope you find something that works for you.

Thanks, girls! Lots of good information. I appreciate it =)

Hi there!

Early on I had that problem and what solved it for me was getting insulin 30 minutes before meals. It started with just breakfast and now I get my insulin at least 30 min before lunch and dinner too...unless my BG is low. I'm at 32 weeks now and though my basal rates haven't changed too dramatically, my mealtime boluses have tripled. Again, it started with breakfast and now at all meals I'm getting 3 times as much insulin as I was originally getting before getting pregnant. Truly though, the key was getting insulin much earlier than I had been. Hope this helps! :)


I am 7 weeks and the same thing has been happening to me. I have been so strict on what I eat, amount of carbs, and exact times of the day but i am still getting 180-210 average after I eat. It's really aggrevating and my high risk ob isn't even going to see me until Nov. 30. I have called and spoke to the diabetic nurse at their office and she said it was ok to go a little high. I've been going every week to my endo so they can download my meter and pump info, and they've made a few changes but it still seems persistant. I'm just worried it's going to hurt the baby in the long run :(

Try getting your insulin earlier tomorrow. It may help...I hope! High blood sugars always freak me out too...just think though, 20 yrs ago before we had pumps and such good control, diabetics had healthy babies. Also, my doc and pump nurse both tell me that having ketones is much more of a concern than high blood sugars...a few highs here and there are gonna happen and it'll be okay. All we can do is our best! :)

I have been waiting 45-60 minutes before I eat, since 30 min doesn't seem to help me. We'll see what happens =) Thanks, girls! Stay healthy!

I have been having these exact same issues and recently got in touch with a diabetes educator who told me that pregnant women with T1D do not tolerate milk or fruit well in the morning or before bed.  So at breakfast, I am no longer allowed to have milk or fruit, and I have to keep my carb intake to 10-18 grams.  If I do drink milk, it should be with either lunch or dinner, and it has to be 4 oz. (1/2 cup) per sitting.  She also told me not to eat fruit on its own--always eat it with lunch or dinner.  I tried this yesterday and I had a REALLY good day.  

Hope that helps!

Nicole- I noticed the same thing about milk! If I have it in the morning my sugars will be over 200 for a while after. Yogurt and cheese don't seem to have the same effect so I eat those in the morning and milk later in the day.