Sleep and High Blood Sugars

So, this might be a silly question.. but, if i dont get enough sleep, could that effect my blood sugars?? Cause I have high ones this morning.. and a couple mornings ago.. and i haven't been able to fall asleep until 1 a.m. and I am up at 6:30.. helppppp

Ah, the "morning rise"... the body tends to become more insulin resistant while you sleep, and most people find that their blood sugars rise while sleeping.  I'm not sure about the lack of sleep playing into anything...

from my knowledge, not getting enough sleep puts stress on your body. which would in fact cause your bloodsugars to go on the higher side...but i think that's if you're getting less than 5hours a night on a regular basis though?

well.. normally on weekends i dont go to bed till 4:00 a.m. since i work a bar job.. but ya for  few weeks.. not sleeping till 1 and normally id be in bed by 9..

Ive even upped my lantus.. just by one unit.. and nothing.

are you on a lantus split dose(AM/PM)? when do you take your lantus?

10 p.m. every night

hm. how much do you take? maybe try bumping it up one more unit? sometimes i need to bump mine two units before i see any change.

do you think you go low overnight without noticing? it could be a rebound high..