Sleep overs

What about sleep-overs?  My daughter is starting to get invited to sleep-overs, but we have been somewhat reluctant.    Does anyone have any sleep-over tips?   Thanks.

My daughter is 17 now but I did not let her sleep over unless I had a really good relationship with the parents and they knew how to handle most situations. I did not have any bad experiences (that I remember) and I think Samantha liked feeling 'normal'. I think it is worth a try.

Thanks Bridget.  We have a great network of friends, so I'm hoping we will be able to work everything out. 

I put a small canvas bag together that has juice, crackers and gummy bears, glucagon and extra supplies that goes to any events outside of our home.  It has a laminated index card attached to the outside handle that has our phone, cell and simple notes of what to do if our daughter tests and is 70 or below (give a box of juice in the bag immediately and call us) if it is 80-180 (all is good) and over 180 - call us.  It also gives simple things to watch for - dizziness, the shakes, big pupils, etc. that would make them know to have her test.   It also has her carb to insulin ratio (now she is on the pump so the wizard does this).  This way we simply grab the bag and go and when I drop her off I review with the parents of the home she is either staying with for a few hours or the night.  I always note if she ever passes out call 911 and then us.  We have had very successful sleep overs and only once did we have to pick her up in the middle of the night as I suspected she did a over correction and we needed to check her blood every two hours.  Before any sleep over I had her visit their home for a few hours to be sure the parents were comfortable.   I never hesitate to pass up on an event where I feel the parents do not take it seriously. 

Good luck, the first sleep over was very exciting and freeing for us!!