Sleep Walk Bolusing

Has anyone done this before? Does anyone have any have any suggestions on how to stop this/make it more difficult to happen?

This happened last night and I ended up waking up with EMT’s surrounding me and am layed up for today. Obviously upsetting, erggghhhh! I’ve already contacted my doctor for suggestions but I thought others might have an idea about what I could do and I figured I should be proactive and ask everyone if they had some suggestions.

Laurel, if you have accidently given yourself a bolus while asleep, you could blo0ck/lock your pump before getting into bed. The three different model MiniMed pumps I’ve used have a “Block” feature in the utilities menu and this requires a few ‘key strikes’ that would not be part of your automatic routine. I’m smiling, but you would need to be extraordinarily alert in your sleep to reactivate a bolus.

Did your doctor have any suggestions that you might like to pass along? I may have given myself an unintended bolus by hitting the “Easy Bolus” while sleeping so I have deactivated that feature now.

I know I’m laughing now! So many weird things have been happening lately I feel like the T1D Lucille Ball! All I need is an endo named Ricky!

As for my endo she’s out till the 15th and all the diabetes care coordinator said was “if you bolus without eating you will get a low”! Duh! Thanks for the news flash! Sigh…

I tried what you said and am setting my “feature lock” at night. I also kinda engineered a container: I bought a little kids sippy cup with a straw and a twist on and off top, took out the straw and cut the hole a little wider so that I could fit the detachable part of my set thru it and reconnect then put my pump in the cup and screw on the cap and right now I’m covering it in a sock but am going to make a drawstring bag to put it in as an extra layer. I originally thought of a travel soap case with a slot cut in it for the tubing but all the ones I found were of a really thin plastic that I thought would be too brittle and none of them sealed very well either. It seems to be fine and it’s a little bigger than the pump it’s self but it’s not too bad, plus I can use the sippy cup handles as “clips” and slip it on my waist band of my pj’s at night.