Where do you put your pump when you sleep at night so it doesn't get tangled up or pull?


I usually clip mine to my pants or shorts near the small of my back. i am totally a tummy sleeper so this works best for me. I do some times just lay it next to me on the bed and i never seem to get tangled up in it.

Oh that sounds like it might work.  so when you lay it next to you it doesn't pull out?

When I first got the pump, 8 years ago, I had requested the longer length tubing...I was 15 year old, and for a week I would choke my self with it being so long haha...QUICKLY switched to the shorter tubing lol


now with the shorter tubing, it gets tucked into the pocket of my shorts or sweats...i always look for shorts or sweats with deep pockets therefore its harder for it to slip out, cause i toss and turn ALLLLL night long.

I just leave mine clipped to the waistband of whatever pants I happen to be wearing to bed. I tend to sleep on my back and don't move a whole lot in my sleep so I don't have any trouble getting tangled up.

I clip it to my pants or shorts also, and tuck the extra tubing down in there -- and I get the longer tubing, too. I've used a pump for 7 years and have never had a problem!


Okay well I tried sleeping naked last night and my site was sore this morning so it does look like I need to find boxer shorts with some pockets or a thicker waistband to clip it to :(

I bought a bunch of men's pocket tshirts and sewed on some button to the pocket - I turn the shirt inside out at night and put the pump in the pocket and it stays all night!  Since its inside out the tubing is always underneath the shirt.  Sometimes the pump does get in the way of me trying to sleep on my stomach but I found this more comofrtable that attaching the pump to my waistband.  There is some work involved by sewing on the button to the pockets so next time Ill just take to a tailor to do it :)

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Where do you put your pump when you sleep at night so it doesn't get tangled up or pull?




I use a cell phone case i got at the local Tractor Supply Co. and i just tuck my tubing into my pants... at night.... if you are afraid of the pump falling off or hanging and pulling your site... i would suggest... a clip on cell phone case with a good strong clip.. and a gentle wrap of the tubing around the velcro down flap and then tucking the spare tubing away under your clothing...


I used to be fanatical about having pockets on my shorts/pants, though I sometimes had to use a safety pin to keep the pocket shut (nice idea with the buttons!).  I have also tried the laying it on the bed next to me, but I tend to toss and turn.  Thankfully I'm a light sleeper and usually notice I'm tangled before I do any real damage/yanking.  I now will sometimes roll the pump into the waistband of the flannel pants/boxer shorts/sweats I wear to bed if they don't have a pocket.  I'm short so I usually can get 2 flips of the waistband, which holds the pump in.  Just make sure to leave enough tubing out to do the flips, otherwise it tugs.  I usually leave all the tubing out and tuck the extra into the pants when I'm done rolling.